By:    Bill Cook District 10 Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors


ACBL Goodwill Committee appointees are members who have made the game of

bridge more enjoyable for others because of their friendliness, helpfulness,

sportsmanship, hard work and exemplary ethical conduct.  These are people who

attract new members, who go out of their way to make them feel welcome and who

assist them in learning to play the game.


District 10 is one of ACBL's largest districts geographically consisting of 15 units spread

out over 4 ½ states, stretching from Lake Charles, LA to Nashville, TN and from Mobile,

AL to N E Arkansas.


We are extremely fortunate in our district to have many wonderfully dedicated and

hardworking volunteers.  That is why it is such a hard decision to make each year about

who will receive the few appointments that I am allowed to make.  Being appointed to

the ACBL National Goodwill Committee is the highest honor and recognition that I can

give to a member of our District.  Each one is an outstanding example of the ideals of



It is my real pleasure to introduce you to my 2007 appointees.


Don Kemp, Anniston, AL


Don truly exemplifies what being a Southern gentlemen is all about, with his pleasant and

soft spoken manner.  In addition, his exemplary table presence has been complimented by

partners and opponents alike.  Nobody in District 10 has contributed more to the

advancement of bridge than Don.  In the early '90s, Don was encouraged by the Anniston

club manager to become a club Director.  He agreed, thus beginning many years of

service to the Anniston Bridge Club, Unit 157 and District 10.


Don has served for eleven years as Anniston Club Manager and as Tournament Chairman

for the Oxford Tournament from 1993 - 1996 and from 2003 - 2006.  He has been an

Easy Bridge Instructor since 2002, teaching Easy Bridge! I and II.


Don has been on the Unit 157 Board since the early 90's and has served as its secretary

since 2001.  Don was appointed to the ACBL Charity Committee in 2003 and

was one of five recipients of the 2005 Unit 157 Award of Excellence, an award

honoring bridge players who make a difference at the local level.  Don directs Thursday

and Saturday morning games at the Anniston Bridge Club.

When the webmaster of our District 10 website died in the summer of 2003, Don stepped

up to take on the job.  Again, when the editor of our Mid-South Forum District 10

newsletter died in July 2004, Don once again agreed to accept this responsibility.



Janice Van Dyke, Memphis, TN


Janice and her husband Terry have been the backbone of Unit 144 for a number of years. 

Together they have been the organizers and tournament directors of the very successful annual
District 10 Regional at Sam's Town, Robinsville, MS.


Janice is an ACBL certified TAP instructor and an EasyBridge-certified presenter and club director. 
She has taught beginning bridge classes at the Lightman Bridge Club, University of Memphis
Continuing Education, and the University Club.  She has been active in mentoring newer players in
both the Invite-A-Pro game and in the highly successful Eight-is-Enough team games.  Janice
has served for a number of years as District 10 Educational Liaison, responsible for administering
the District's teaching assistance program.


Janice has served for 4 years as President of Unit 144 Tennessee Bridge Association but even though
they wanted her to continue their Bylaws prevented a fifth term.  Janice has also been president of the
M.A. Lightman Bridge Club in Memphis for four years and is the youngest person to be inducted into
the M.A. Lightman Bridge Club Hall of Fame, for her outstanding contributions to Memphis bridge.


Janice was the president of the District 10 Board of Directors at the time that Katrina and Rita hit the coastal
areas of MS, LA & AL.  Her efforts in organizing a District 10 sponsored fund to rebuild bridge in District 10
has resulted in more than $103,000.00 being contributed to that effort.


Janice has been a teacher and administrator at Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis for
33 years and is currently Professor of Developmental Mathematics.  She has Bachelor and Master's
Degrees in mathematics and a Doctorate in Educational Research Methodology and Statistics.  She is the
co-author of a college level textbook "Mathematics for the Business World".


Janice is active in St. Lukes United Methodist Church of Memphis, serving on its Board of Stewards and
Finance Committees.  Janice is one of those people you enjoy being around, beautiful smile, friendly, considerate
and helpful.



Vy and Bob Ammons, Shreveport, LA


Vy and Bob have been the driving force behind the Shreveport bridge center for over 30 years.  Bob was president
of Unit 170 in 1973 and has served on the Unit 170 board for many years.  Both Bob & Vy are club directors for
Unit 170 and a number of other clubs.


Vy has been a member of the Unit 170 Board, Director/Manager of Springhill Country Club, Co-Director
of Springhill Downtown Duplicate Club and organized/directed the Springhill Recreation Duplicate game in the
70's and 80's.  Vy started the first novice game at the unit in 1984 and has been owner/director Rookies and Aces
DBC since the late 80's.


Vy gives free lessons at the Randall T. Moore Center and at the Tuesday Newcomer game.  Bob and Vy provide
trophies and awards as an incentive for the novices.  Vy is instrumental in building partnerships and finding games
for visitors and other players needing a partner.


Vy and Bob have been active in the Unit Mentoring game and have been able to get the more experienced players
to partner with novices.  They have been responsible for signing up many new members each year.


Vy and Bob have worked tirelessly to promote partnerships at tournaments and special games as partnership chairmen.
  Vy's Women's Department Club and Rookies & Aces games are the two biggest games in Shreveport due to her
perseverance and phone calling.


Vy and Bob always visit, send cards, take food to sick and shut-in members and are always on the look out for new
members.  Their games always provide refreshments and wonderful fellowship.









By:    Bill Cook District 10 Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors


An appointment to the ACBL Charity Committee is an honorary position.  Each year the District Director may appoint two
representatives from their district to serve on this committee.  This is a standing committee and appointees serve for life.
  My appointments to this committee will be members from District 10 that have made outstanding contributions of their
time and leadership on behalf of bridge at the club, unit, district and/or national levels of ACBL.





Ed like so many of us learned to play bridge in college and after marrying was a party bridge player with his wife until his
kids left little time for bridge.  When he retired from Amoco Oil in Illinois he started looking for something to do.  This led
him to OK Bridge where he discovered the game had changed.  After getting some online lessons he ventured into the 0-
20 game at Chicago Nationals in 1998 and won.  Ed was hooked.  Ed and his wife moved to Mobile in 2000 to be close to
their kids and Ed began to play duplicate regularly.  He became a Life Master in 2002, a Bronze in 2004 and a Silver in


Ed has given a lot to bridge in the short period of time that he has lived in District 10.  He has been on the Unit 215 Board
for 6 years and has served as Unit President for two years.  He will soon take the Club Directors test to be able to direct
games at the Mobile club.


Ed has actively supported the ACBL Charity games and has been a strong advocate for Unit 215 to increase its charity
game participation.  Prior to coming to Mobile, Ed was for over 10 years actively involved with Amoco Oil's Crusade of
Mercy.  Even though Ed is a relative newcomer to duplicate bridge he has certainly been a real asset to Unit 215 and the
Mobile club in the short period of time he has been in District 10.





David is no stranger to District 10 bridge players, having been one of our District's top players for almost 50 years.  What
you probably don't know is that David has been very active in the Little Rock bridge club and in Unit 161.  David
currently serves as president of the Unit 161 Board, represents Unit 161 on the District 10 Board, is 1st Alternate District
Director to the ACBL Board and represents District 10 on the ACBL Board of Governors.


David has taught intermediate bridge lessons at the Little Rock club and has been a mentor for many new players.  David's
support and participation, coupled with a strong beginning bridge program, headed up by Ann Ferrill and Dick Heil, has
resulted in their club having the highest number of tables in play in 2006 in more than 20 years.  He has been actively
recruiting support for Little Rock to build its own bridge center.



David, who is an ACBL Grand Master, has been the tournament chairman for a number of the Little Rock sectional
tournaments.  He is a regular lecturer at regional I/N programs.  David and his wife Suzanne regularly teach bridge and
conduct bridge games on cruise ships.