Spring 2002 NABC Winners from District 10

Curtis Cheek Wins NABC Open Pairs


First time partners Curtis Cheek and Eric Greco built on a monster game in the second qualifying session to win Open Pairs II.

With the victory, Cheek became a Grand Life Master - The Huntsville AL professional has more than 17,000 masterpoints but did not have the North American championship required for Grand Life Master status. Before Friday night, his best was second place "about a half dozen times."

Cheek said he and Greco had never played together before, making the Open Pairs II date at the last miinute. They were the leaders after two qualifying sessions, thanks to a 75.58% game in the second qualifying ses-sion. Said Cheek: "You wouldn't believe the things we didn't know we were doing."

Wei-Sender squad tops Women's Swiss Teams



They needed some help on the final round, but the team led by Kathie Wei-Sender held onto a slim lead with a round to go to win the Women's Swiss Teams. When the team with the best chance of catching them lost their last match, Wei-Sender, Jill Levin, Betty Ann Kennedy, Tobi Sokolow, Janice Seamon-Molson and Sue Picus were champions.