Van Geffen goes over 10,000 points


Joan Van Geffen of New Orleans earned her 10,000th masterpoint at the recent Wilmington Regional, but it wasnât all that easy. First of all, she and her teammates had to convince Charlie Stenger, former ACBL District 6 director, to come out of retirement and play. Then Dan and Natalie Hertz, their teammates, got stuck in the snow in Maryland and couldnât get out for two days.

So Van Geffen had to find new teammates, and they came in second in the Senior Knockouts which gave her enough to top 10,000.

Van Geffen started playing bridge because her fifth-grade classmates wouldnât play hearts with her. For many years she played seldom while she and her husband raised eight children (she has 23 grandchildren). But she returned to bridge after her husbandâs death in 1979, and she enjoys every minute she plays.

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