This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the ACBL Goodwill Committee, which was created to promote friendliness and good manners at the bridge table. 
You may have seen the Goodwill pen being won by certain people at tournaments and wondered how they came to be so recognized.  They were selected by their District Director because of their practice of sportsmanship, active ethics and goodwill gestures.  For your information, the Top 10 Goodwill gestures which exemplify goodwill are:

            Greet and welcome opponents
            Always say, “Director, please”
            Lead or Place dummy before you write
            Mentor a new player
            Say, “Thank you, partner”
            Compliment opponents’ play
            Discuss hands after the game
            Accept defeat and victory with grace
            Leave a tidy table
            Smile Often!!
Each year the District Director is given the responsibility of selecting two people from their district for this honor.  They can also select replacements for any deceased Goodwill members.  During the last 50 years approximately 150 District 10 players have been recognized and appointed to the ACBL Goodwill Committee.  Thirty-five of those previous appointed are no longer living.
The District 10 Board of Directors and I would like to recognize and honor District 10 Goodwill Committee members for the example they set for all of us.  In the this the 50th year of the Goodwill, when you see someone wearing a Goodwill Pen, it would be a gesture of goodwill to thank them for their efforts to make the game of bridge more enjoyable.
Bill Cook
District Director