By:         Bill Cook District 10 Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors

An appointment to the ACBL Charity Committee is an honorary position.  Each year the District Director may appoint two representatives from their district to serve on this committee.  This is a standing committee and appointees serve for life.  My appointments to this committee will be members from District 10 that have made outstanding contributions of their time and leadership on behalf of bridge at the club, unit, district and/or national levels of ACBL.



Lynne began playing bridge in 1990 while living in Mobile.  During the early 90’s in Mobile, she served as vice president of Unit 215, Tournament Chairman and bridge writer for the Mobile Press.

In 1993 she met her husband Richard at the bridge table and moved to Gulfport, MS.  Unit 215’s loss was Unit 180’s gain.  She has been Treasurer for Unite 180 since 2002 and Tournament Chairman since 2003.  She has taught the Audrey Grant Club Series and says she still gets a thrill when she sees one of her students doing well.  Lynne also enjoys directing club games.

Lynne was elected treasurer for District 10 in 2006.  She and Rick own and operate an accounting and tax service business.



Jim, as he is known to most, has been playing tournament bridge for 50 years.  His bridge playing dates to his college days and early military service.  Jim attended Tulane Medical School and became an Ophthalmologist.  He made a career out of the U. S. Air Force, retiring after 30 years of active and reserve duty with the rank of Major General.  Jim has been a very active player in District 10 and throughout the country, having won more than 100 regional events and accumulating more than 9000 master points.

He is one of our District’s most courteous and friendly players.  People really enjoy being around him.  Jim is currently one of District 10’s representatives on the ACBL Board of Governors and he also regularly attends the District 10 Board Meetings.





By:         Bill Cook District 10 Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors


ACBL Goodwill Committee appointees are members who have made the game of
bridge more enjoyable for others because of their friendliness, helpfulness,
sportsmanship, hard work and exemplary ethical conduct.  These are people who
attract new members, who go out of their way to make them feel welcome and who
assist them in learning to play the game.

District 10 is one of ACBL’s largest districts geographically consisting of 15 units spread
out over 4 ½ states, stretching from Lake Charles, LA to Nashville, TN and from Mobile,
AL to N E Arkansas.

We are extremely fortunate in our district to have many wonderfully dedicated and
hardworking volunteers.  That is why it is such a hard decision to make each year about
who will receive the few appointments that I am allowed to make.  Being appointed to
the ACBL National Goodwill Committee is the highest honor and recognition that I can
give to a member of our District.  Each one is an outstanding example of the ideals of

It is my real pleasure to introduce you to my 2008 appointees.



Ed has been a very active member of Unit 144 for more than 20 years, serving on its Unit Board and also representing them on the District 10 Board.  Ed served as president of District 10 in 2002 and currently serves on the District’s Tournament Oversight Committee.

He has been a regular player at the M.A. Lightman Bridge Club in Memphis and is noted for his “cookout” skills at the club.  He has served as Tournament Chairman several times for the Tunica Regional.

Ed is one of those people who really knows how to make you feel welcome.  He is due a lot of the credit for the success of the Tunica Regional.  We are fortunate to have volunteers like Ed in District 10.




Doug has been an outstanding contributor to the Nashville bridge community. In spite of a serious eye problem which took away most of his eye sight for an extended period and threatened the permanent loss of vision (now corrected), Doug served as a very effertive president of Nashville’s largest club for several years.  He continues to serve as the co-ordinator for newcomer classes.  He has been the primary publicity person, maintaining an email list of practically every club member and keeping them reminded of upcoming events.  He continues to serve on the Board.

Several years ago he organized a monthly Saturday night “party game” which has been quite successful.  He organizes and schedules these games and directs them without charge, donating his director fees to the Club’s building fund.  His wife Melanie has been an integral part of Doug’s commitment to bridge, preparing a spread of goodies for all of the games and during his eye difficulties, serving as his chauffeur to and from the games, and helping him play by calling out the cards as they were laid out as dummy and played on each trick.

Doug is truly an outstanding example of what the Goodwill Committee is all about.



Barbara has been active in the bridge community of Monroe and District 10 for more than 20 years.  She has served on the Unit 211 Board during most of that time, including multiple terms as President and in other offices.  She has been Hospitality Chairman for most of their tournaments.  She was actively involved in the fund raising and building of the Monroe club which today is debt free.  She is a regular player in the local clubs, as well as, supporting the sectionals and regionals in our district.

Her positive attitude toward the game makes her an enjoyable partner as well as a challenging opponent.  However, what makes Barbara stand out above other players are the things she does behind the scenes.  She unselfishly gives of herself to others, especially to new players starting out.  She is noted for giving formal lessons and supervised play in her home without charge.  She is always available to answer questions about hands after the game.  Her love for the game and her straight forward approach to teaching is contagious.  She is able to pull players through the tough times when they are about to give up by the way she encourages them to view the game as something that is fun yet challenging.  Many of her students are now helping others, serving on the Board and as officers, teaching, directing and simply enjoying the game. 

Thanks, Barbara, for the many contributions you have made to perpetuate this wonderful game of bridge.



Jack began playing duplicate bridge in 1980 while living and teaching in Rhode Island.  When he moved to Arkansas to teach at Arkansas State, he continued his interest in bridge.  He has been active in bridge administration in Unit 220 and as a player and mentor in Southwest Arkansas.

Jack represents Unit 220 on the District 10 Board of Directors and currently serves as Vice President of the District 10 Board and as a member of the District Tournament Oversight Committee.

Jack enjoys mentoring newer players and helping them to become life masters.  Jack attributes his enjoyment of bridge to the great partners that he has played with.  We are indeed fortunate to have Jack in District 10, who is willing to give time back to helping newer players learn the game and have fun.