District 10's Educational Reimbursement Program
The Executive Committee of District 10's Board announced approval of three requests for reimbursement for educational expenses--the first such requests to be awarded under its new program to promote growth in units and clubs via educational programs. Financial reimbursement went to Units 134, 144, and 221.

The District will reimburse clubs and/or units at a matching rate for educational programs they have undertaken that show growth in their clubs/units. The match limit is $1,000. Reimbursement will cover advertising costs, course materials, reasonable presenters' fees and any other fees directly related to the delivery of educational programs.

The invoice and documentation/itemization of costs should be sent to the District 10 Education Liaison, Janice Van Dyke, 3793 Northwood Drive, Memphis, TN, 38111 - 6924, or via e-mail (jvandyke@southwest.tn.edu or jandtvandyke@aol.com). The Education Liaison reviews the materials for the Executive Committee, which determines whether reimbursement is warranted.

December, 2004

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