Educational Reimbursement Policies and Procedures


The following revisions to the reimbursement policies and procedures was passed at the District 10 Board meeting at the Tunica Regional, January 15, 2016.



1. Reimburse any unreimbursed advertising expense by matching the Units reimbursement for advertising.


2. For those clubs that charge their students for the Educational program, D-10 will match the Unit’s reimbursement for all costs not covered by the student fees.


3. If a Unit submits a request for reimbursement, it will be assumed that all requirements have been met. (See Exhibit A attached for copy of his report)


All unreimbursed advertising expense will be paid regardless of whether the Educational program was profitable or not. The purpose of this revision is to preserve District funds for those Clubs that are operating Educational programs at a loss.


Vicki Willis made a motion for District 10 to include the above 3 proposals as additions to our Education Policy and Procedures. Linda Sherrell made a motion to amend the proposed additions to say that D-10 will continue with financial support up to $1,000 per year per Unit including instructor fees not to exceed $350 per class. Second by Judy Knox. Motion passed as amended.


The Mid-South Bridge Conference supports the units within the district that promote growth in membership through education programs.  One support mechanism is the educational reimbursement program which returns to a unit up to one half of the expenses of running an education program at a club within the unit.

Eligible expenses for the reimbursement program are:  instructor’s fees, advertising and marketing costs (that are not covered by the ACBL’s marketing program) and reasonable refreshment costs.

Anyone wishing to participate in an education program should notify the unit within which he or she resides to alert the unit of the program and to verify that the unit will pay half the costs of the program.  Once the program has been held, fees that can be recovered from the ACBL should be recovered and noted on an itemized list of costs of the program.  This list should be submitted along with a description of positive benefits the program has had for the club or unit (increased table count or increased membership in the ACBL, for example.)

All information should be sent to the current Education Liaison,Dick Heil, 4004 Fox Hill Rd, N. Little Rock, AR 72116-6459, (H)501-753-3097, heil@sbcglobal.net.  After verifying that all expenses are eligible for reimbursement, Dick forwards the requests to the Executive Committee of the Mid-South Bridge Conference for approval or disapproval.  If the request is approved, a check for the approved amount is sent to the treasurer of the unit that submitted it.

Multiple requests may be submitted from the same unit.  However, preference will be extended to units that are making their first submission.

May 13, 2010