Tunica MS
September 15, 2001

The Mid-South Bridge Conference Board of meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. 11 of our 15 units were represented by delegates or alternates with Units 170, 180, 211 absent. A quorum was present as follows:

Unit # Representative Unit # Representative Unit # Representative
138 Billy McCool 144 Janice VanDyke 157 Herb Stappenbeck
161 Susan Millham 179 Coley McGinnis 180 Mary Ann Huey
182 Wildon Barker 214 Ruth Patrick 215 Rick Farver
220 Jack Tidball 232 Paul Munafo  

The meeting began with a moment of silence and reflection. The September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon occurred early on the first full day of the tournament. The effects of this act were more than ever could have been planned or imagined. Not only was our country attacked, our buildings destroyed, our people murdered, but the security and insulation of our great distance from our enemies was ripped away. Though the players attending the tournament had not changed, the Americans in Tunica, Mississippi on September 15, 2001 were not the same.

President Coley McGinnis introduced Jim Kirkham, President of the American Contract Bridge League to the delegates. The motion made to approve the minutes of the January meeting in Biloxi as mailed was seconded and approved.

TreasurerÔs Report: Bob Davison distributed the financial report (see attached). Net income from the STaC accounted for all of the profits so far this year. The June STaC profits are still dedicated to the NABC Hospitality Fund and will be set aside for that purpose. The Forum continues to be relatively self sufficient and officer expenses have been quite low. Motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the treasurerÔs report as presented.

Tournament CoordinatorÔs Report: Charlie MacCracken reported that tournament sanctions were all on schedule and reminded us that budgets and schedules for regional tournaments are due to him at least 12 months before tournament date. Electronic submission of sanction requests is being implemented, but units must have a Unit Tournament Coordinator to be able to use this method.

NAOP/GNT CoordinatorÔs Report: Last yearÔs Board action basing the division of District support to our teams directly equal to the percentage of participation at the club, unit & district levels was used to compute the awards to the winning teams this past April.

Flight # of teams % of Total $ Award

Championship 1 0.82% $ 30.00

Flight A 11 9.02% $ 328.00

Flight B 71 58.20% $ 2116.00

Flight C 39 31.97% $ 1162.00

In the NAOP competition, each flight has one at-large pair at the National level. These three additional pairs are awarded to the district with the largest club level participation in each flight. Last year, District 10 won the right to send a 3rd flight B pair to National competition. We lost to Texas on the Flight C at-large pair by only 20 tables. That is only 40 pair entries during June, July and August qualifying games over our entire District. If every club would encourage just one Flight C pair to play one more time, we would far exceed what is necessary to win the opportunity for another pair to go to the National competition next spring in Houston.

National RepresentativeÔs Report: Chuck Wilkinson was unable to attend due the illness of his father. ACBL President Jim Kirkham spoke for him:

The National Board is receiving applications for a new CEO again and formal interviews will begin soon. For the interim, current National Board Member Wayne Hascall has assumed the duties of CEO at headquarters. He will be looking at ways to cut expenses and operate more efficiently.

Legal fees are an increasing concern. Due to the litigious nature of todayÔs society, legal costs have more than doubled so far this year. Many of the legal costs are the result of insignificant or even silly disputes and misunderstandings, but cannot be handled without qualified representation. Every effort is being made to run an efficient headquarters and future increases in membership fees will result from this type of unpredictable and uncontrollable expense.

A national committee is again reviewing the alert situation. Their recommendations are looking quite good but the Board is insisting that nothing will be changed until everything is clear and easy to understand.

Forum EditorÔs Report: The ForumÔs new editor Michele Holm was not present.

OLD Business:

Tournament Oversight Committee Recommendations: Chairman Paul Munafo presented the committeeÔs recommendations on the several items (they are presented below in the form approved by the Delegates).

Scheduling ÷ Individual tournament committees will be permitted to revert to the "Standard" schedule of approximately 9am/1:30pm/7:30pm. A hybrid schedule of 10am/3pm/8pm for Seniors only is also permissible subject to approval of the Oversight Committee and the D10 Tournament Coordinator.

Split Regionals ÷ If both parties to a scheduled split agree, they could each take a full regional once every six years with the sponsoring units paying full District dues and no profit sharing in that year.

Hot Springs ÷ Approved for Hot Springs to change to November dates. Jackson is encouraged to make a matching change in their scheduling. Unit 161 will continue to be the sponsoring unit in regard to dues and profit sharing. Any other sharing arrangements must be made at the unit level.

Profitability of Regionals ÷ Target profits of 5% to 18% are approved.

Regional Entry Fees ÷ The mandate for a $10 fee is discontinued. Tournament committees are allowed to set entry fees subject to approval of their budget by the Oversight Committee and D10 Tournament Coordinator.

Indirect Tournament Costs ÷ Only those costs that are traceable to "traditional" tournament expenses may be charged to a Regional. Items purchased by a Unit which might used at other times are not approved as expenses of District sponsored tournaments.

Committee members: Paul Munafo, Bill Cook, Rick Farver, Alice Fisher/Ed Todd, & Clay Hall
If you have any problems or views on tournaments, their scheduling or conduct, contact your delegate or any Oversight Committee member. They welcome your input.


Unit 144 has voted to contribute $500 from tournament profits to the September 11 United Way fund. Motion made, seconded and approved that District 10 make a matching contribution from the District general fund.

It is also resolved to encourage all District 10 Clubs to hold a special charity game to benefit the families of those who died in the disasters of September 11, 2001 with the proceeds sent to the charity of each clubÔs choice.


The following officers were nominated, seconded and elected by acclamation:

President ÷ Coley McGinnis Vice President ÷ Ed Davis

Treasurer ÷ Bob Davison Secretary ÷ Robin Wilkinson

The meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Wilkinson, Secretary

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