Biloxi MS
February 2, 2002

The Mid-South Bridge Conference Board of Delegates was called to order at 1:55 p.m. 10 of the 15 member units were represented by delegates or alternates with Units 161, 211, and 220, 221 absent. A quorum was present.

The minutes of last SeptemberÔs meeting in Tunica were seconded and approved. Bob Davison, treasurer, distributed financial reports to all delegates. Our tournament coordinator, Charlie MacCracken, who was not able to be present, had reported verbally to President McGinnis that tournament sanctions were all up-to-date. In the absence of Russ Jones, NAOP/GNT coordinator, Mr. Wilkinson received several complaints of non-receipt of the Conditions of Contest. Michele Holm, Forum editor, made a request for timely submission of ads. Three to four monthÔs advance notice is required for getting your ad published in any of the bridge publications.

District 10Ôs national representative, Chuck Wilkinson, reported on recent actions by the ACBL Board of Directors:

Marketing: The extensive effort of the past three years seems to be working as the membership decline has leveled off.

Birmingham 2001 NABC ÷ Our members in Birmingham produced a wonderful tournament. All who attended had praise for the organization, events and entertainment.

Nashville 2007 NABC ÷ The BOD approved Nashville for the Summer NABC in 2007

NABC Advisory Committee ÷ Most of the complaints about national tournament sites have centered around food availability, tourism, and hotel size. A special committee has been formed to review future NABC sites and make recommendations to management. It is entirely possible that NABCs will be restricted to large metropolitan areas, eliminating some very interesting and pleasant cities like Albuquerque, Minneapolis and Birmingham from consideration.


Janice Van Dyke, Education Liaison; Nell Cahn, Appellate Chair.

Chairmen for the New Orleans Fall 2003 and Nashville 2007 NABCs were approved.

Our treasurer since 1994, Bob Davison has requested retirement and the Board of Delegates elected Ruth Patrick as his replacement. Ms. Patrick works in Hattiesburg, Missisippi as a CPA and has served on the Board as representative for Unit 214 for many years.

New Business:

Speaking for Unit 215, South Alabama, Rick Farver expressed their extreme concern about the date change of a previously scheduled Shreveport/Mobile split regional . The date of the tournament was changed to accommodate the newly reinstated Hot Springs regional in May without any consultation with the Mobile unit. A change in the Mobile tournament site will necessary to accommodate this new date and at this time it is not known whether the altered date can be managed at all. The subject of split sites running a full regional, first at one site, then 3 years later at the other site, was raised again. This has already been approved by the delegates, subject to agreement by both sites.

Unit 134, New Orleans, expressed their displeasure at being forced to change the date of their regularly scheduled January Sectional to accommodate the NAOP District Finals. They now are positioned in direct competition with Gulf Shores and feel that their attendance will be adversely affected.

Both complaints were noted but no official action was taken on either issue.

The meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Wilkinson, Secretary

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