Tunica MS
September 28, 2002

The Mid-South Bridge Conference Board of meeting was called to order at 8:15 a.m. 14 of our 15 units were represented by delegates or alternates with Units 221 Southwest Louisiana absent. A quorum was present as follows:

Unit # Voting Delegate

134 Darryl Fisher

138 Bill Cook Jr.

144 Janice Vandyke

157 Clair Chisler

161 Lou Agnew

Unit # Voting Delegate

170 Ed Todd

179 Art Lowen

180 Jan Hunt

182 Johnny Townsend

211 Bob Canterbury

214 Ruth Patrick

215 Rick Farver

220 Lowell Lynde Jr.


232 Paul Munafo

After introductions of guests Andy Cosby and Kay Portman from Unit 161 and Paul Linxwiler, from ACBL, the meeting began with a correction to the February 2, 2002 Biloxi minutes – our new treasurer, Ruth Patrick, serves us from Laurel, Mississippi, not Hattiesburg. With this correction, the minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: BMs. Patrick distributed the latest financial reports to all delegates. The absence of a separate line item for our NABC Hospitality Funds was questioned. All proceeds from the district STaCs are dedicated to this fund. After some discussion of the need for additional hospitality funds and methods of accumulation used by other districts, the treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

Tournament Coordinator’s Report: Our neighbors to the east, MABC has invited District 10 clubs to participate in their December 9-16 StaC. Participation is voluntary and each club will receive a packet for their consideration. Charlie also asked that we begin to think about submitting our 2004 sanction requests now. He concluded by observing that the outlook for this Tunica tournament attendance to top 2000 tables was very real. He attributed that to keeping the hotel costs to players down and Unit 144’s commitment to running a tournament that the players will enjoy and want to attend every year. Co-chairmen Ed Davis and Terry Van Dyke were commended by all present.

Forum Editor’s Report: ACBL has notified us that beginning January 1, 2003, due the change to a larger, glossy magazine format for The Bridge Bulletin, they will no longer be offering district inserts. The November, 2002, issue will be the last one to be included. Michele Holm, Forum editor, brought the results of her research into our options for continuing the Forum in something approximating the same format. Printing plus postage costs are estimated to be slightly more than the costs we have been experiencing, but these costs do not include artwork charges of $400-$600 per issue.

Paul Linxwiler, ACBL Publications Department, spoke to the Board, explaining some options -- quarterly publication, electronic publication, or some combination of the two—that could be considered to avoid losing all communication with district members.

A motion was made and seconded to discontinue the district newsletter entirely. A motion to lay this question on the table was approved by a majority of those units voting.

Discussion of publications in other districts included MABC’s two-color 32-page publication and its budget of $39,000. It was noted that although they do a lot of advertising and have very successful tournaments, their district organization runs all their regionals and keeps all the profits.

Motion was made and seconded that District 10 continue the Forum bimonthly in the same format for one year. No change in advertising charges to our units would be made until after the March 2003 issue. Motion was approved by a vote of 9-2. Every unit was asked to appoint a reporter to submit local news.

New Business:

There is a matter to be reviewed by the Judiciary Committee, Bill Eason, Chair. Each unit in the District has a seat on this committee and units near the coast are requested to find someone willing to spend an entire day on resolution of this matter. The Judiciary Committee will need to meet somewhere near the coast to allow all parties to be heard.

A request for funds for Easy Bridge—motion was made, seconded and approved for the Executive to receive written requests for these funds and decide them on individual merits. This motion was approved.

At 9:45 a.m. the breakfast portion of the meeting adjourned. The delegates met during the lunch break and reconvened the meeting at 2:05 p.m.

NAOP/GNT Coordinator’s Report: Russ Jones began his report with the announcement that the first NAOP Flight A scheduled to be held separately at a regional would be starting in 55 minutes. An interesting result of this scheduling was noted—Flight B and C players could conceivably play in both their own event in Jackson and then could play again in the Flight A event at Tunica. Russ urged that we plan to take pictures of all NAOP winners for publication on our web site.

The Grand National Teams unit level sanction fees totaled $1750. District 10 provides matching funds and the total of $3500 was distributed based on participation, with Flight B receiving the greatest subsidy. The checks are presented by the District Director, Chuck Wilkinson, during the first session of the National event. Our Flight C team did not choose to enter the event at the National level and these funds were returned to the District.

Mr. Jones pointed out that any team who chose not to enter the event should notify him immediately. Their right to enter can be offered to the next highest qualifying team. All units should make sure that someone is alerted if a team does not plan to enter at the National level.

The question of why should we include Flight A in the Unit Finals, if A players can enter their own district level event without qualifying at the club, was answered: if the event is "limited" the awards decline drastically, especially in gold points. Including Flight A in your event provides 100% sectional rating with overall awards being 20% gold. If limited to B & C the rating is 80% of sectional with only 10% gold overall.

The B/C District Final is always held in Jackson, MS with the next one scheduled for January 11-12, 2003. The Grand National Teams District event is again alternating between Jackson, MS and Laurel, MS beginning in Laurel in 2003.

OLD Business:

Tournament Oversight Committee: Chairman Paul Munafo presented a report on the Committee’s meeting regarding the reimbursement requested by Unit 180 for the 2002 Biloxi Regional. Documentation of all Biloxi profit and loss statements was provided to the delegates. The questions the committee addressed and the conclusions they reached were as follows:

Should units be reimbursed for losses? Conclusion: No.

Are the costs submitted by Unit 180 reasonable? Conclusion: No.

Is the tournament in Biloxi viable at all? Conclusion: Maybe. The committee recommends allowing the Biloxi tournament to continue to try for a few more years and then if not to continue in Biloxi, put this regional up for bids from other units.

The continued requests for reimbursement following the District Board’s denial of these expenses have had a negative effect on the members of the Board and the Oversight Committee. The Unit 180 Board has offered a revision of some items that would result in a $681.00 loss for the 2002 tournament. The district dues of $200 per year for units hosting regionals continues to be considered a tournament expense, and the purchase of tables and bid boxes are still included in the form of $1.00 per table of attendance. Their expense of bonding their officers is also considered to be an expense of the tournament.

A motion to allow Unit 180 to continue to host a regional through 2005 was seconded and approved. A motion to allow them to claim indirect costs in tournament expenses, with all regionals allowed the same privileges, was seconded and on a tie vote of 6-6 discussion continued.

A motion was made and seconded for Unit 180 to restate their 2001 and 2002 tournament expenses as follows:

"Restate the Biloxi 2001 Regional income by removing the administrative overhead table rate expense line item in the amount of $7111.56, increasing the reported profit by $7111.56.

Restate the 2002 Regional income by removing the GCBA Equipment rate and miscellaneous indirect line items totaling $4222.54, increasing the reported profit by $4222.54.

Forward without delay the unpaid district share of 2001 and 2002 profits."

Unit 180 suggested that this dispute be handled by an ACBL mediator. A motion to lay the question on the table was seconded and approved.


The following officers were nominated, seconded and elected by acclamation:

President – Ed Davis            Vice President – Bill Cook, Jr.

Treasurer – Ruth Patrick

Nominations were made and seconded for Lamar Jordan, Unit 161, and Dena Cameron, Unit 144 for the position of Secretary. In accordance with the by-laws, a written ballot was distributed to each voting delegate and Dena Cameron was elected.

The Executive Committee members for 2002-2003: Ed Davis, Unit 144, Bill Cook Jr., Unit 138, Ruth Patrick, Unit 214, Coley McGinnis, Unit 179 and elected member At-Large, Lou Agnew, Unit 161.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Wilkinson, Secretary


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