Biloxi MS
February 1, 2003

The Mid-South Conference Board of Delegates met on February 1, 2003, at the Grand Casino in Biloxi, MS. District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates:

Unit #-Voting Delegate

134 Ed Baldinger  170 Ed Todd  214 Ruth Patrick 138 Bill Cook  179 Coley McGinnis
 215 Howard MacDonald 215 Terry Van Dyke  180 Walter Lewis 220 Una Blagg 157 Clair Chisler
182 Wildon Barker 221 Sharon Carter 221 Lou Agnew    

The following District 10 officials and guests were also in attendance

Ed Davis, President  Lillian Range, Unit 214 Chuck Wilkinson,
District Director
Jan Hunt, Unit 180 Olin Hubert,
Head Tour. Director
Rebecca McMichael,
Unit 180
Dena Cameron, Secretary  Betty McGee,
 Unit 170
Janice Van Dyke,
Educational Liaison
Christie Sellers,
Unit 215
Michele Holm,
 Forum Editor
Edith Bowler,
 Unit 157
W. Dane Clark, Recorder    

Representatives from Units 211 and 232 were absent.

The meeting was called to order by the President at 9:00 a.m. In a motion made by Ed Baldinger, seconded by Ruth Patrick and unanimously passed, the minutes of the meeting held in Tunica on September 16, 2002, were approved as mailed.

TREASURERíS REPORT: Ruth Patrick presented the attached Treasurerís Report for the period ending December 31, 2002, showing a balance of $70,606.03. In response to a query pertaining to Unit rebates, the President stated that all Regional Profit and Loss statements must be approved by the Board prior to sending rebate checks. He further explained that because of the disputed charges on the P&L statements for the last two Biloxi Regionals, he had traveled to Biloxi and with the helpful assistance of Walter Lewis, Jan Hunt, Rebecca McMichael and other Unit 180 members, this matter had been resolved. The Treasurer informed the Board that checks reflecting the Districtís share of the Regional profits were received after the end of the year and additional rebates would be sent to eligible Units. In a motion made by Coley McGinnis, seconded by Lou Agnew, the Treasurerís Report was approved as presented.

TOURNAMENT COORDINATORíS REPORT: The President read the report submitted by the Coordinator, Charles MacCracken. Since ACBL now requires that sanction applications are received in their office three years prior to the date of scheduled Regionals, the sanction applications for the 2005 Jackson Regional and the Mobile/Shreveport split-site Regionals are past due.

The Board discussed Charles MacCrackenís suggestion that at D-10 Bracketed Knockout events, the top bracket be handicapped when at least one four-man team has a combined total of more than 40,000 master points and one four-man team has a combined total of less than 10,000 master points. The Board requested that a committee study this matter and report to the members at the next meeting. The President appointed Coley McGinnis as chairman and requested he select committee members representing various levels of ability.

NAOP/GNT COORDINATORíS REPORT: Russ Jones was absent from the meeting, but the Board discussed the 2002 NAOP Flight A Finals held on Saturday, September 16th at Tunica. In a motion made by Coley McGinnis, seconded by Bill Cook and unanimously passed, the 2003 NAOP Flight A Finals will be held on Sunday, September, 21st, at the Tunica Regional opposite the Swiss Team event. The President will inform the Coordinator of this change.

NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVEíS REPORT Ė Chuck Wilkinson informed those present that the National Board of Directors met in Phoenix in November. It was reported that ACBL is financially sound and for the second year in a row is operating in the black. In conjunction with the Nationals, President Ed Davis informed the Board that he has appointed Betty Ann Kennedy of Shreveport to the vacancy on the Board of Governors, which was created when Steve Beatty moved out of the District.

EDUCATION LIAISON COORDINATORíS REPORT: Janice Van Dyke announced ACBLís program to encourage universities and colleges to enter a bridge "team" competition. She again requested the names of the Unit educational liaisons in order to contact them regarding this championship event. Funds for educational programs available to member Units and Clubs was discussed. At the present time, District 10 will fund such requests up to $1000 per application. Requests for funds must be submitted to Janice; however, final approval is the responsibility of the Executive Committee. In a motion made by Lou Agnew, the request for approved educational funds was reduced to $500 per application. Bill Cook amended the motion to state that the District would support approved educational programs of Units or Clubs on the basis of matching funds, up to $1000 per application. The motion was further amended by Coley McGinnis to place a $10,000 limit on the expenditure of approved programs between now and September 30, 2003. The amendments and the motion were unanimously approved. The Board requested that Janice inform the Units and Clubs of the above action through The Forum.

OLD BUSINESS: The President reported he had sent two District 10 members to Biloxi to conduct a disciplinary hearing involving two players from Unit 180. The expense to the District was approximately $1,000. As a result of the hearing, the players were reprimanded and placed on probation. No appeals were filed and Unit members were able to move on to sponsoring a successful Biloxi Regional.

FORUM EDITORíS REPORT: Michele Holm reported that each issue of The Forum will cost approximately $1200 more than the insert in The ACBL Bulletin.. Michele moved that the rates be increased to $350 for a full-page advertisement and $200 for a half-page advertisement. The motion was seconded by Coley McGinnis and unanimously passed. The President stated that District policy requires that checks must accompany requests for advertisements in The Forum. He asked that Voting Delegates encourage their Presidents to appoint a Unit reporter responsible for submitting articles for publication in The Forum..

Because of the change in format of the ACBL Bridge Bulletin, as well as the increase in advertising rates, the President will request that members of the Tournament Oversight Committee review the advertising policy as set out in the Regional Tournament Policies and Procedures document..

Since District 10 is successfully trading ads with The Mid Atlantic Bridge Conference, this Committee will also be asked to explore a similar program with The Texas Regional Conference.

COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS: The President stated he had reconstituted the Tournament Oversight Committee. He appointed Clay Hall, Chairman; Ruth Patrick (representing the Executive Committee); and Jack Tidball. All persons have been contacted and have accepted. These appointments were approved in a motion made by Ed Baldinger, seconded and unani-mously passed.

In response to the Presidentís request, Paul Munafo agreed to chair the Disciplinary Committee, replacing Bill Eason.

NEW BUSINESS: Receiving the District 10 Board minutes in a timely fashion was discussed. Those present concurred that sixty days was acceptable even if a final profit and loss statement was unavailable. It was suggested that the minutes include the total number of tables at the Regional.

Bill Cook reported that he had been approached by members of the Unit in District 9 which covers the panhandle of Florida. Because of its geographical proximity, they are interested in joining District 10, provided they would be allowed to host a Regional in Sandestin every other year. A lengthy discussion ensued and the matter was tabled until a later date.

The President proposed that the Board continue to meet at the Biloxi Tournament in January/February. He further proposed that the second meeting be held in Jackson MS or Hot Springs in May/June--thereby eliminating the meeting usually scheduled in Tunica. In a motion made by Wildon Barker, seconded by Edith Bowler and unanimously passed, the next meeting of the D-10 Board of Directors will be held on June 21, 2003 in Jackson, MS.

Statements for District 10 dues were given to those delegates present. It was suggested that the present dues schedule be expunged and all Units charged an annual fee of $50. This matter was tabled until the next meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Dena Cameron



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