Jackson MS
June 21, 2003

Jackson, Mississippi
June 21, 2003

The Mid-South Conference Board of Delegates met on June 21, 2003, at the Crowne Plaza in Jackson, MS. District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates:

Unit #-Voting Delegate Unit #-Voting Delegate Unit #-Voting Delegate
134 Ed Baldinger 170 Ed Todd 214 Ruth Patrick
138 Bill Cook 179 Coley McGinnis 215 Howard MacDonald
144 Terry Van Dyke 180 Lynne Logan 220 Jack Tidball
157 Clair Chisler 182 Wildon Barker 221 Sharon Carter
161 Lou Agnew 211 Richard Helams

The following District 10 officials and guests were also in attendance:

Ed Davis, President Clay Hall, Tour O’Sight Chairman
Chuck Wilkinson, District Director . Edith Bowler, Unit 157 
Dena Cameron, Secretary Betty McGee, Unit 170
Janice Van Dyke, Educational Liaison Lillian Range, Unit 214
Charles MacCracken, Tour Coord.

Unit 232 was not represented.

The meeting was called to order by the President at 8:00 a.m. In a motion made by Ed Baldinger, seconded by Howard McDonald and unanimously passed, the minutes of the meeting held in Biloxi on February 1, 2003, were approved as mailed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Ruth Patrick presented the attached Treasurer’s Report for the period ending May 31, 2003, showing a balance of $86.422.01 (Appendix A). Ruth explained that the amount set aside for the New Orleans Fall NABC will be increased by the profits from the July STaCs, but may also be reduced by expenses incurred from previous years, which have not been reported to her. Lou Agnew requested that future financial statements include the previous two years’ figures. Ruth stated this could not be done under the present computer program, but she would bring copies of the previous year’s report for comparison. In a motion made by Charles MacCracken, seconded by Coley McGinnis, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted. The President informed the Board that for the first time, it had been necessary to file a 2002 income tax report this year. Due to the increase in workload, he requested that the D-10 Treasurer receive an annual compensation of $500. Bill Cook so moved; it was seconded by Terry Van Dyke and unanimously passed. 

FORUM EDITOR’S REPORT: In the absence of Michele Holm, the President stated that at the Biloxi 2003 meeting, the Board agreed to support The Forum for one year. Since this publication is losing approximately $1,000 per month, this issue should be addressed by the Executive Committee prior to the Biloxi 2004 meeting.

STaC/NAOP/GNT COORDINATOR’S REPORT: In the absence of Russ Jones, Charles MacCracken reported that requests for participation in STaC events had increased in 2003. However, some clubs may withdraw after learning that the National Conditions of Contest state winners in games of less than five tables will receive sectional rating master points, but are ineligible to place in the District overalls. 

As for the 2002-2003 GNT event, participation increased in each flight. The winning teams were allocated a total of $4,039 for travel. 

NAOP qualifying games are being held at clubs during July through August. Units are required to schedule a qualifying event prior to January 1, 2004. Flight B and C District Finals will be held in January during the Jackson, MS Sectional. Because of the larger number of players, Russ Jones suggests that these events start on Friday night. The District Flight A qualifying event will be held on Sunday, September 23rd, during the Tunica Regional.

TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR’S REPORT: Charles MacCracken informed the Board that District 7 is requesting our participation in a STaC tournament scheduled for September 22-28, 2003, the proceeds of which are earmarked for their Bridge in Schools program. After considerable discussion, it was moved by Bill Cook, seconded by Coley McGinnis and unanimously passed, that Charlie be authorized to inform District 7 that we would participate in this STaC. In addition, we will participate in the December 8-14, 2003 STaC sponsored by the Mid Atlantic Bridge Conference, provided they participate in both STaCs sponsored by District 10. 

EDUCATION LIAISON COORDINATOR’S REPORT: Janice Van Dyke reported on ACBL’s request regarding participation in the 2003 College Bridge Team Championships. Many District 10 players were interested in putting teams together but by the time it was determined how this process worked, it was too late for this year. Please refer to her report which is attached as Appendix B. The requests for reimbursement for educational programs received from Units 134 (Louisiana), 144 (Tennessee) and 221 (Southeast Louisiana) were discussed. In a motion made by Bill Cook, seconded by Coley McGinnis and approved, each Unit was awarded $1,000 in matching funds.

NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE’S REPORT – Chuck Wilkinson informed the Board that it was his intention to place on the agenda at the Long Beach National Directors’ Board meeting the STaC Conditions of Contest relating to the rule of “less than five tables”. He believes this is not supportive of the smaller clubs and feels that this matter should be at District option. Secondly, he stated that in the past, Club Managers could bar players for good reason from club games, but could not bar them from higher level events held at the club. This was changed about two years ago and players may be barred from all events held at the club. Chuck circulated copies of selected. agenda items from the upcoming Board meeting in Long Beach. He encouraged anyone with comments or suggestions to contact him by e-mail. 

O’SIGHT COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – Clay Hall informed the Board that his goal was to have all Regional sanction applications through 2006, submitted by December 31, 2003. The Board agreed and gave him the authority, under the present policy, to insure the units involved adhered to these guidelines. At the present time permanent dates are set for the Biloxi and Tunica Regionals; the third permanent date is scheduled in late May/early June, in Hot Springs and Jackson, MS on alternate years. In the event one of these tournaments was rescheduled to a late October/early November date, the Board felt both should be rescheduled. Clay further stated he wanted future Regionals to emphasize providing programs and hospitality for new players. Since this is mandated in the policies and procedures for Regional tournaments, he was encouraged to see that this policy is followed.

OLD BUSINESS: In regard to the D-10 Bracketed KO’s, Coley McGinnis informed the Board that this matter will be discussed during the National Board of Director’s meeting in Long Beach. He moved that the matter be tabled until a later meeting. The motion was seconded by Terry van Dyke and unanimously passed. 

The Texas Regional Conference was contacted and was not interested in an advertising trade-off with our District. 

Ed Davis withdrew the tabled motion to review the D-10 dues policy, so no action was necessary.

NEW BUSINESS: In a motion made by Bill Cook, seconded by Coley McGinnis, and passed, the annual election of officers will be held in Biloxi in 2004.

Ed Davis announced his resignation as President of District10, stating that personal commitments have made it impossible for him to devote the time necessary to carry out these duties. He told the Board he had enjoyed his term of office and was pleased with what had been accomplished together. He informed the Board that as Vice President, Bill Cook would preside over the meeting in Biloxi. He requested that Bill convey the Board’s appreciation for a well-run tournament. to Troye Demaree, Chairman of the Jackson Regional. In accepting, Bill Cook thanked Ed Davis for a job well done.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Dena Cameron
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