Biloxi, MS
January 24, 2004


The Mid-South Conference Board of Delegates met on January 24, 2004 at the Bayview Hotel, Grand Casino in Biloxi, MS. District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates:

Unit #-Voting Delegate Unit #-Voting Delegate Unit #-Voting Delegate
134 Ed Baldinger 161 Lou Agnew 214 Ruth Patrick 138 Bill Cook 170 Randy Kenyon
215 Howard MacDonald        144 Vera Lamar 180 Lynn Logan 220 Jack Tidball    157 Clair Chisler 182 Wildon Barker 221 Sharon Carter

The following District 10 officials and guests were also in attendance:

Chuck Wilkinson, District Director, Barbara Heller, President, District 7, Dena Cameron, Secretary, Bob Heller, District 7, Michele Holm, Forum Editor, Rebecca McMichael, Unit 180, Walter Lewis, Reg.Tour.Chairman, Christie Sellers, Unit 215 Edith Bowler, Unit 157

Units 179, 211 and 232 were not represented.

The meeting was called to order by the Vice President at 9:00 a.m. In a motion made Ed Baldinger, seconded by Lou Agnew and unanimously passed, the minutes of the meeting held in Jackson June 21, 2003, were approved as mailed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Ruth Patrick presented the attached Treasurer’s Report for the period ending December 31, 2003 showing a balance of $58,622.75 (Appendix A). In regard to the present CD account, which is earning 2%, Lou Agnew suggested investing in secured bonds which earn a higher percentage. At the request of Bill Cook, Lou agreed to investigate this matter and report his findings at the next Board meeting. In a motion made by Jack Tidball, seconded by Lou Agnew, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.

NAOP/GNT COORDINATOR’S REPORT: In the absence of Russ Jones, Chuck Wilkinson reported that attendance had increased for the 2003 North American Pairs, due in part to scheduling the Flight A event during the Tunica Regional. This format will continue in the future, with Flights B & C scheduled in Jackson in January. The 2004 Grand National Team event is underway in the clubs; the finals for all flights are scheduled during the Jackson Sectional, April 23-25, 2004.

TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR’S REPORT: In the absence of Charles MacCracken, Chuck Wilkinson reported that a date for the 2006 split-site Regional between Birmingham and Baton Rouge had not been selected. He also reminded the Board that the Nashville Regional had been rescheduled to July 26-August 1, 2004.

EDUCATION LIAISON REPORT: In the absence of Janice Van Dyke, Bill Cook distributed her written report (Appendix B). He also informed the Board the Executive Committee had recommended that the request for matching funds submitted by Unit 161 be approved. In a motion made by Lou Agnew , seconded by Christie Sellers and unanimously passed, the Treasurer was instructed to issue a check to Unit 161 for $735.25 to cover half of the expenses involved in their educational program.

TOURNAMENT O’SIGHT COMMITTEE REPORT: In the absence of Clay Hall, Chairman, Walter Lewis read Clay’s report in which he recommends that at D-10 Regionals the top bracket of the Bracketed Knockouts be handicapped. In addition, he recommends that the top bracket have no more than nine teams, if the bottom team has less than 20% of the masterpoints of the top team. In a motion made by Walter Lewis and seconded by Ruth Patrick, the above recommendations were mandated for split-site and smaller D-10 Regionals. The motion passed.

At this time the Board considered Clay Hall’s recommendation that the District bear the cost (up to $1500) to support new player development at Regionals. After a lengthy discussion, it was moved by Lynn Logan and seconded by Randy Kenyon, the Treasurer of District 10 will reimburse the Host Units of D-10 Regionals for novice promotion expenses, up to $1500. The motion passed with one negative vote. Lynn Logan moved that the above motion be retroactive to include the 2004 Biloxi Regional. The motion failed.

FORUM EDITOR’S REPORT: Michele Holm reported that the cost of publishing The Forum was approximately $4500, compared with $1600 for the Bulletin insert the previous year. However, ACBL has increased their reimbursement, which will lower the net cost by $3000 per year in the future. Bill Cook reported that the Executive Committee recommends continuing The Forum provided the balance of pages, after advertising tournaments, is used for promoting bridge in District 10. After a lengthy discussion, it was moved by Ed Baldinger and seconded by Randy Kenyon to continue publishing The Forum provided a reporter from each Unit be delegated to submit articles of interest to the Editor. The motion passed unanimously. The President encouraged each delegate to relay this information to their respective Unit Boards and inform Michele Holm of the selection.

NEW BUSINESS:. Bill Cook reported that Don Kemp from Anniston, AL, had been selected by the Executive Committee to succeed Chuck Whidden as Webmaster. Don has recommended the District establish its own URL and in a motion made by Jack Tildman, seconded by Howard McDonald and passed, he was given permission to proceed with this matter.

Bill Cook informed the Board that when Ruth Patrick filed a 2002 District tax report, she was informed by IRS that we must file for a tax-exempt status. Robin Wilkinson generously agreed to assist the District and, along with a check for $500, the necessary paper work was filed and the District’s tax status is now being considered by the IRS.

At the request of Ruth Patrick the Board discussed the intent of the District’s Compensation Policy which states that District 10 officers may receive “two (2) days free plays” at any Regional hosting a District Board meeting. The Board agreed that this would include all sessions played in any two days.

The President introduced Barbara Heller, President of District 7 and her husband, Bob, who is the Sectional Coordinator for their Unit. Barbara spoke of the close ties between our two Districts and gave an overview of the upcoming NABC in Atlanta in 2005.

Bill Cook opened the nominations for President. In a motion made by Lynn Logan and seconded by Lou Agnew, Bill Cook was nominated. The nominations were closed and Bill Cook was elected President of District 10 by acclamation..

The President, Bill Cook opened the nominations for Vice President. In a motion made by Vera Lamar, seconded by Sharon Carter, Janice Van Dyke was nominated. The nominations were closed and Janice Van Dyke was elected Vice President of District 10 by acclamation.

The President opened the nominations for Secretary. In a motion made by Vera Lamar, seconded by Lynn Logan, Dena Cameron was nominated. The nominations were closed and Dena Cameron was elected Secretary of District 10 by acclamation.

The President opened the nominations for Treasurer. In a motion made by Lou Agnew, seconded by Lynn Logan, Ruth Patrick was nominated. The nominations were closed and Ruth Patrick was elected Treasurer of District 10 by acclamation.

The next meeting of the District 10 Board of Directors will be held on July 31, 2004 during the Nashville Regional.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Dena Cameron


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