Nashville, TN
July 31, 2004


Nashville, Tennessee
July 31, 2004

The Mid-South Conference Board of Delegates met on July 31, 2004 at the Millenium Maxwell Hotel in Nashville, TN. District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates*, lst Alternates**and Unit Representative***:

Unit 134 - Chris Moll***
Unit 138 - Bill Cook*
Unit 144 –Terry Van Dyke* -Vera Lamar**
Unit 157 – Clair Chisler* - Edith Bowler**
Unit 161 – Lou Agnew*
Unit 179 – Art Lowen**
Unit 180 – Lynn Logan*
Unit 211 – Richard Helams*
Unit 214 - Ruth Patrick* - Lillian Range**
Unit 215 – Howard MacDonald*- Christie Sellers**
Unit 220 – Jack Tidball*
Unit 232 – Larry Gariepy**

The following District 10 officials and guests were also in attendance:

Bill Cook, President
Dena Cameron, Secretary
Ruth Patrick, Treasurer
Chuck Wilkinson, District Director
Janice Van Dyke, Vice President/Education Liaison
Charles MacCracken, Tour. Coordinator
Russ Jones, GNT/NAP Coordinator
Don Kemp, Webmaster/Forum Editor
Clay Hall, Tour. Oversight Chairman

Units 170, 182 and 221 were not represented.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Bill Cook, at 9:15 a.m. The President introduced the new Voting Delegate of Unit 211, Richard Helams; the new lst Alternate of Unit 232, Larry Gariepy; Chris Moll, filling in for the Unit 134 Voting Delegate; and Don Kemp, the new District 10 Forum Editor and Webmaster.

The minutes of the meeting held on January 24, 2004 in Biloxi were unanimously approved as mailed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Ruth Patrick presented the attached Treasurer’s Report for the period ending June 30, 2004, showing a balance of $61,781.77 (Appendix A).

Although the first six months of 2004 show a loss in revenue of $2,000, Ruth explained that the income from the May Hot Springs Regional and some checks from the June STaC were deposited after July 1st and are not reflected in this report. Following review of the Profit and Loss Statements for both the Biloxi and Hot Springs Regionals, the Treasurer’s Report was unanimously accepted as presented.

TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR’S REPORT: Charles MacCracken informed the Board that sanctions for Sectionals through 2005 and Regionals through 2006 have been approved. Units are encouraged to submit requests for 2006 Sectional sanctions as soon as possible.

He also stated that starting January 1, 2005, all notifications to the Tournament Correspondents should be by email. Voting delegates are requested to inform their Unit Tournament Correspondents they must provide ACBL with an email address.

The Coordinator explained that the ACBL Board of Directors had approved scheduling an additional Regional, each year, for the purpose of raising funds for the USBF. The first of these special Regionals will be held in December in Dallas, TX. Houston will hold a similar special Regional in May of 2005. Any scheduling conflicts with District 10 have been resolved.

NAOP/GNT/STaC COORDINATOR’S REPORT: Russ Jones reported that the Grand National Teams, which were just completed at the NABC’s in New York, had 180 tables in play at the Unit level, down from 213 in 2003. There were 28 teams in Flight A, 85 teams in Flight B, and 67 teams in Flight C. The monies generated at the Unit and District Finals are matched by District 10 and divided among the finalists, depending on the participation in each category. Flight A received $581; Flight B, $1765; and Flight C, $1391. After some discussion it was moved that the subsidy for Flights A, B, and C be increased to a minimum of $1200, provided at least three teams entered the District Finals. The motion passed unanimously.

Russ reported that for the past two years no teams have entered the District Finals of the Grand National Teams at the championship level. The Board considered possible ways to encourage participation. A motion to establish a committee to study this matter and report to the Board at its meeting in Biloxi was unanimously approved. The President appointed Clay Hall, Chairman; he will be assisted by Russ Jones, Art Lowen, Lynn Logan and Chris Moll.

In 2005, Flights B & C of the NAP District Finals will start on Friday evening. Flight A and the Championship Event will commence on Saturday afternoon.

Russ reported that the STaC held June 14-20, 2004, generated 2298 tables and approximately $4500. District 7 was invited to participate, but four of their large Units declined due to conflicting Sectionals.
The number of pairs from each state is as follows: Louisiana – 880; Arkansas - 649; Alabama – 613; Tennessee – 602; Georgia – 584; Mississippi – 415; North Carolina – 391.
EDUCATION LIAISON REPORT: Janice Van Dyke presented a written report (Appendix B).
She stated that since June 1, 2004, the District has approved $5,624.25 in matching funds for educational programs. The questions raised in her report will be considered under New Business.

D-10 REPRESENTATIVE TO ACBL BOARD: Chuck Wilkinson, who was elected President of the American Contract Bridge League effective January 1, 2005, distributed a report highlighting actions taken by the Board of Directors at its New York meeting. (This report is available on the District 10 website.) He stated the CEO’s report showed a positive trend in membership growth. Effective January 1, 2005, the Board voted to raise ACBL membership dues by $3.00. Neither tournament sanction fees nor club fees were increased, but the Tournament Director session fees will be. In response to Lynn Logan’s inquiry, Chuck stated that an ACBL Profit and Loss Statement is presented to the Board of Directors and the Board of Governors and is available from ACBL upon request. He will investigate the feasibility of having the Profit and Loss Statement available on the ACBL website.

In regard to the National Finals of Flights B and C of the North American Pairs, the ACBL Board of Directors voted to qualify 50% of the field. Chuck had voted against the motion since it would result in a less fair event. He is requesting feedback from District 10 Flight B and C players regarding this matter.

Other discussions involved the Convention Card amendments, the Junior Fund and a report of the Special Games at Clubs Committee

TOURNAMENT O’SIGHT COMMITTEE REPORT: Clay Hall informed the Board that he had conferred with Charles MacCracken in scheduling the events at the Nashville Regional and the upcoming Tunica Regional. He requested comments from the players regarding the changes.

Clay explained that further clarification was needed concerning the Board’s action at its last meeting pertaining to Knockout Teams. After a lengthy discussion, it was moved by Lynn Logan, seconded by Chris Moll and unanimously passed, that all future D-10 Regional flyers must state that the top bracket of the Knockout Events may be handicapped; and, at the discretion of the Director in Charge, the top bracket may contain as few as six, or more than nine, teams.

In discussing the 2007 Jackson Regional, Bill Cook reported that due to site problems, the Jackson Unit would be unable to host this event. He also reported that the Birmingham Unit would be willing to fill this void. After much discussion, in a motion made by Chris Moll, seconded and unanimously passed, the 2007 District 10 Jackson Regional was relocated to Birmingham in late October/early November, to avoid a conflict with the 2007 New Orleans Regional scheduled over the Memorial Day weekend.

Presently, Regional entry fees may not exceed $10, unless approved by the Tourament Oversight Committee. In a motion made by Jack Tidball, seconded by Lynn Logan and passed, entry fees may not exceed $11 unless approved by the Tournament Oversight Committee.

At the present time, the Tournament Oversight Committee is comprised of Clay Hall, Chairman; Ruth Patrick and Jack Tidball. The Board approved increasing this committee to five members. The Board further recommended that any person serving on this committee be excluded when decisions are made regarding Regionals hosted by his/her Unit.

Questions were raised about registration gifts, prizes for winners, and hospitality at D-10 Regionals. Following a lengthy discussion, awarding prizes for newcomers was the only item on which those present could agree. The President requested that members of the Tournament Oversight Committee review these matters and present their recommendations at the meeting in Biloxi 2005.

FORUM EDITOR’S/WEBMASTER’S REPORT: Don Kemp reminded the Board that subsequent to the sudden death of Michele Holm, Robin Wilkinson had generously volunteered to publish the May 2004 issue of The Forum. By the time Don was appointed Editor, prior to the July 2004 issue, Michele’s files were no longer available. This created some problems at the time, but all have now been resolved. To assure that this does not occur in the future, he has written a job description spelling out the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Don presented a written report outlining the expenses and advertising income of The Forum since June 2003. (Appendix C) He explained he had done the layout for the July 2004 issue and requested that he be allowed to continue in the future, at the same rate previously charged by the printing company. In a motion made by Lou Agnew, seconded by Janice Van Dyke, the Board unanimously approved this request.

Questions were raised concerning the present policy for Regional advertisements in The Forum. The President requested that Clay Hall review this matter with the members of the Tournament Oversight Committee and report any suggested changes at the Biloxi meeting.

Don Kemp informed the Board that our new web site address is The President thanked Don for his superior job in carrying out the duties of Forum Editor and Webmaster.

OLD BUSINESS: In regard to reinvesting the District funds which are now in CD’s, Lou Agnew stated he had contacted an attorney, whose specialty is corporate bonds. After reviewing the matter, he recommends that no changes be made at this time.

In regard to the District’s tax-exempt status, Bill Cook informed the Board that additional information requested by the IRS had been submitted, and he had been informed that we would soon be covered under Section 401 (c) 4 of the tax code.

NEW BUSINESS: Bill Cook circulated correspondence received from Nell Cahn, Chairman of the Appellate Committee, in regard to an incident which occurred at the Hot Springs Village Card Club. Her committee upheld the ruling of the Unit Board members, but criticized them for their failure to follow proper procedures. The person charged is now appealing to the National Board.

Education Liaison, Janice Van Dyke, informed the Board that requests for matching funds received by her are forwarded to the Executive Committee with her recommendation. When approved, she informs the D-10 Treasurer, who writes the check and sends it to the appropriate person. The Board approved this method, but requested the Education Liaison’s written report to the Board includes a list of the recipients and the amounts approved, making this information a part of the official Board minutes.

As a guideline, the Board further agreed that requests from individual clubs must be submitted through the appropriate Unit Board. If approved, the check for matching funds will be sent to the Unit Treasurer.

For the calendar year starting January 1, 2005, the Board appropriated the sum of $10,000 to be earmarked as matching funds for educational programs. The limit per application remains at $1,000. The Board approved priority being allotted Units who have not previously applied for funds. Second applications from any Unit will be considered at the end of the year, provided monies are still available.

The President informed the Board that next year is the 50th Anniversary of the Goodwill program. Districts have been asked to highlight this event. To organize such a celebration for District 10, Bill Cook appointed a committee, headed by Lillian Range and assisted by Clair Chisler, Christie Sellers and Richard Helams. He asked that the Chairman report on their plans at the Board meeting in Biloxi.

The President mentioned he had received a copy of a five-minute video produced by Pat Summerall for the ACBL. The purpose of this video is to gain the interest of potential sponsors. Anyone interested was invited to view this video on his laptop after the meeting. He also announced he would request that every Unit Secretary in our District receive a copy of this CD.

The next meeting of the District 10 Board of Delegates will be held on January 29, 2005 in Biloxi. The agenda will include election of Officers.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Dena Cameron


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