Biloxi, Mississippi

January 29. 2005


The Mid-South Conference Board of Delegates met on January 29th, at the Bayview Hotel, Grand Casino, Biloxi, MS. District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates*, lst Alternates**and Unit Representative***:


Unit 134 - Ed Baldinger*                                Unit 180 - Lynne Logan*

Unit 138 - Chuck Wilkinson*                         - Walter Lewis**

Unit 144 - Terry Van Dyke*                  Unit 182 - Craig Cordes*

- Vera Lamar**                                Unit 211 - Richard Helams*

            Unit 157 - Clair Chisler*                                            - Kerstin Pohlman**

                        - Edith Bowler**                             Unit 214 - Ruth Patrick*

            Unit 161 - Dave Seibert*                                Unit 220 - Jack Tidball*

Unit 170 - Randy Kenyon*                            Unit 221 - Sharon Carter*                

- Pam Kenyon**                              Unit 232 - Paul Munafo*

Unit 179 - Elaine Said***      

The following District 10 officials and guests were also in attendance:


Jay Baum, CEO of ACBL                              Don Kemp, Forum Editor/Webmaster

Bill Cook President/District Director                         Ruth Patrick, Treasurer

Janice Van Dyke, Vice President/Education Liaison Dena Cameron,Secretary

Rebecca McMichael, Unit 180


Due to a medical emergency, the Unit 215 representative was unable to attend.meeting.


The meeting was called to order by the President, Bill Cook, at 9:15 a.m. The President introduced Jay Baum, CEO of the American Contract Bridge League; Chuck Wilkinson as the new Voting Delegate from Unit 138; Craig Cordes, the new Voting Delegate from Unit 182; and Elaine Said, representing Unit 179.


Mr. Baum greeted the D-10 Board, stating that ACBL memberships increased in 2004, due in part to District, Unit and Club members who volunteered their time, like those present. He further mentioned that the table count for sanctioned events increased in 2004 and that Regionals are becoming more popular than ever. Due to a prior commitment, he was unable to stay for the meeting and on behalf of the Board, Bill Cook thanked Mr. Baum for attending.


The minutes of the meeting held in Nashville on July 31, 2004, were unanimously approved as mailed.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Ruth Patrick presented the attached Treasurer's Report for the period ending December 31, 2004, showing a balance of $72,402.76 (Appendix A). The Treasurer's Report was unanimously accepted as presented.


TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR'S REPORT: Reading from Charles MacCracken's report, the President informed the Board that attendance at D-10 Regionals in 2004 was the highest (6810 tables) since 1981, except for 1999. All Regionals have been sanctioned through 2007. Charlie is requesting that sanctions be submitted as soon as possible for all 2008 Regionals; otherwise, we risk losing our dates. His report states a similar situation exists for Sectional Tournaments in 2006.



NAP/GNT/STaC COORDINATOR'S REPORT: In the absence of Russ Jones, the President read from his report. Attendance at the Club level of the NAP's was lower this year. As a result, it was the first time in five years that the District did not earn the extra pair, which is based on per capita tables at the club level.


GNT conditions are currently posted on the D-10 web site and Units should already have scheduled their Unit Finals, which must be held between January 1st and April 15th. Sanctions may be obtained from the www.acbl.org website. His report further stresses that ÒALL UNITS IN DISTRICT 10



Those present agreed that the Flight A District finals of the NAP will be held during the September Regional in Tunica, MS.


EDUCATION LIAISON REPORT: Janice Van Dyke reported that the Executive Committee had approved two additional requests for matching funds--the Jackson Bridge Association for $286 and the Village Card Club in Hot Springs Village for $771. The checks for these amounts will be sent to the Treasurers of the respective Units. To date the Board approved $3,000 in matching funds in 2003 and $2,624.25 in 2004. The Board has set aside $10,000 per year for this purpose. Some expressed confusion as to the process for applying for matching funds. Janice will outline the procedure in detail and post it on the Web, as well as mail it to all D-10 Unit Presidents and Treasurers. It was mentioned that some Units are unable to match the funds requested and it was suggested that the District might assist them financially. The President asked Janice and her Committee to consider this problem and report back to the Board at its next meeting. Janice also said that some Units might be reimbursed retroactively, provided all the details were given to her.


D-10 REPRESENTATIVE TO ACBL BOARD: Chuck Wilkinson, whose term expired at the end of last year, reported on the ACBL Board of Directors meeting in Orlando in November. His full report is on the D-10 website and copies were available at the meeting. He emphasized the Planning session, which was held the weekend before the Orlando meeting, and included key members of the Memphis ACBL staff. He is in favor of these sessions which set short and long term goals and provide direction to management in meeting these goals. He also mentioned that ACBL had signed an agreement with Edge TV, a start-up cable channel, whereby they will air a minimum of 14 hours of ACBL programming in 2005. He pointed out that the Real Estate Committee, which was formed last year, is considering moving ACBL Headquarters to a more desirable location in Memphis. Also, a faction of Board members want to move the Headquarters away from Memphis.


Bill Cook, whose term as D-10 Representative to the ACBL Board became effective January 1, 2005, also wished to emphasize the Planning Session held prior to the ACBL Board meeting in Orlando. Copies of the Draft Results of this Planning Session were distributed to those present. He requested that everyone share this draft with their Unit Board members. He also stated that the agenda for the upcoming ACBL Board meeting in Pittsburgh is on the ACBL website, listed as ÒJournalÓ. Since the District's only contact with the ACBL Board members is through him, he would gladly forward any comments he received on the Draft Results or the Agenda.



Bill mentioned he has been appointed Vice Chairman of the Marketing Committee and also serves on the Real Estate, Governance, Juniors, Conditions of Contest for the GNT/NAP, and Audit Committees.


TOURNAMENT O'SIGHT COMMITTEE REPORT: Bill Cook informed the Board that he had increased the membership of this committee to include Chris Moll and Art Lowen. In the absence of Clay Hall, Jack Tidball reported that the Committee had discussed standardizing prizes and registration gifts but had come to no consensus. His personal feeling is that if Regionals make too much money, some of it should be given back to the players.


The Committee recommended that the Championship Flight of the GNT District Finals be moved away from Laurel. They recommended that the Championship Flight be scheduled during the Hot Springs Regional in 2006 and during the New Orleans Regional in 2007. Since the dates of these Regionals occur after the deadline for District Finals set by the National Conditions, the Board requested the Oversight Committee restudy this matter and report to the Board in Jackson.


The Committee also discussed the problem of selecting a Grand National Team to represent the District in the event there was no competition at the Championship level. Since the next Board meeting is scheduled after the GNT Finals in Laurel, the Committee requested this matter be discussed in Jackson. A copy of Clay Hall's e-mail is attached (Appendix B).


FORUM EDITOR'S/WEBMASTER'S REPORT - Don Kemp informed that Board that many of the e-mail addresses on the website are outdated. Everyone wanting their addresses updated should contact him.


Forum articles submitted by clubs and Units have increased and are included in The Forum as space permits. He suggested that those present report back to their Units to keep the articles coming. The expense of publishing The Forum is holding steady, which means the District is subsidizing approximately $1200-$1400 per issue. Basically, this amount reflects the charge for the free advertizing of Regionals in District 10 and District 7. At the request of Lynne Logan, Don will check the Club site to include zip codes in the addresses. The President thanked Don for his excellent work as Forum Editor and Webmaster.


OLD BUSINESS: The President mentioned that the Committee established to arrange a D-10 celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Goodwill Program had not met and therefore had no suggestions to submit . He said an event would be scheduled during the Jackson Regional in June to highlight this Program and to recognize the D-10 members who have been appointed to the Goodwill Committee. In addition, an article would be submitted to The Forum.


NEW BUSINESS: The President mentioned that the National Appeals Committee, at its meeting in Orlando last November, reduced the probation period placed on Robert Roberson of Unit 161. This probation expired January 14, 2005. At this same meeting the Committee reviewed the suspension of John Peters, Unit 157, and refused to grant his request for reinstatement.


Unit 179 (Central Tennessee) is requesting that the members in Franklin County, TN, presently a part of District 7, be transferred to District 10. This request has been approved by the District Director and the District Organization of District 7, as well as Bill Cook, District 10 Director. It was moved by Janice Van Dyke, seconded and unanimously passed, that the members of Franklin County, TN, be transferred to Unit 179, District 10.


The President informed the Board that when the vacancy of 1st Alternate was created by his election as District Director, Coley McGinnis had moved up to1st Alternate Director and Dave Seibert was appointed 2nd Alternate Director. The three-year terms of both of these positions expire December 31, 2005. Anyone wishing to be a candidate for either position must file with ACBL by May 31st.


The 20-point versus 30-point victory scale used in Knockouts and Swiss Teams were discussed, and the President requested this matter be reviewed by the Tournament Oversight Committee, with a report available at the meeting in Jackson.


The President thanked Lynne Logan, Tournament Chairperson and Rebecca McMichael, Intermediate/Novice Chairperson, for their efforts which resulted in a successful Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional.


The next meeting of the D-10 Board of Directors will be held at the Clarion Hotel in Jackson, MS, on June 11, 2005.




The following officers were nominated, seconded and elected by acclamation:


President, Janice Van Dyke Secretary, Dena Cameron


Nominations were made and seconded for Ed Baldinger and Clair Chisler for the office of Vice President. In accordance with the Bylaws, a written ballot was distributed to each voting delegate and Clair Chisler was elected.


Nominations were made and seconded for Ruth Patrick and Richard Helams for the position of Treasurer. In accordance with the Bylaws, a written ballot was distributed to each voting delegate and Richard Helams was elected.


The Executive Committee members for 2005 are Janice Van Dyke, Unit 144; Clair Chisler, Unit 157; Richard Helams, Unit 211; Bill Cook, Unit 138; and, Chuck Wilkinson, Unit 138, who was duly elected by affirmation for one year as the Representative at Large.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Dena Cameron