Jackson, Mississippi

June 11, 2005


The Mid-South Conference Board of Delegates met on June 11th at the Regency Hotel in Jackson, MS.

District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates*, lst Alternates**and Unit Representative***:


Unit 134 - Jennie Flynn Sauviac**                 Unit 179 - Janet Appel***

Unit 138 - Chuck Wilkinson*             Unit 180 - Lynne Logan*

Unit 144 - Terry Van Dyke*                  Unit 182 - Craig Cordes*

- Vera Lamar**        Unit 211 - Richard Helams*

            Unit 157 - Clair Chisler*                                Unit 214 - Ruth Patrick*

                        - Edith Bowler**                             Unit 220 - Jack Tidball*

            Unit 161 - Dave Seibert*                                Unit 221 - Tamah Goad*

Unit 170 - Randy Kenyon*                                                  

- Pam Kenyon**     


The following District 10 officials and guests were also in attendance:


Jay Baum, CEO of ACBL                              Don Kemp, Forum Editor/Webmaster

Bill Cook, District Director                            Richard Helams, Treasurer

Janice Van Dyke, President/Education Liaison Dena Cameron, Secretary

Clair Chisler, Vice President . Robert Teel, President, Unit 157

            Clay Hall, Tour. Oversight Committee


Units 215 and 232 were not represented.


The meeting was called to order by President Janice Van Dyke at 8:00 a.m. The President introduced Jay Baum, CEO of the ACBL. Mr. Baum greeted the D-10 Board, applauding District and Unit members for volunteering their time to further the game of duplicate bridge. He mentioned a new program geared toward young people of Junior High age. He also stated a committee is developing a formula whereby the number of master points won during a lifetime would allow players to win more master points. He explained the advantages of using ACBLÕs email program for advertising local tournaments.


On behalf of the Board, Janice presented Bill Cook with an engraved julep cup for his service as President for the past year and a half.


The minutes of the meeting held in Biloxi on January 28, 2005, were unanimously approved as mailed in a motion made by Dave Seibert and seconded by Lynne Logan.


TREASURERÕS REPORT: Richard Helams presented the attached TreasurerÕs Report for the period ending May 31, 2005, showing a balance of $80,755.34 (Appendix A). Clay Hall questioned the monies due the District from clubs who participated in the January STaC. After much discussion, it appeared the only way to penalize these clubs would be to prevent them from participating in future STaCs. Since the Treasurer had not yet been able to follow up on delinquent clubs, no action was taken. Clay Hall, STaC Coordinator, will assist Richard Helams in securing past due fees. A check will be made to see if players are receiving master points when clubs have not paid their fees, which is against the rules of contest. In a motion made by Chuck Wilkinson and seconded by Terry Van Dyke, the TreasurerÕs Report was accepted as presented.


The Profit and Loss Statement for the Biloxi Regional was discussed. The purchase of 50 card tables and additional bidding boxes was questioned. Under the present policy, the cost of these items may not be charged to the tournament; nor can the lease of bidding boxes. Lynne Logan, Biloxi Tournament Chairman, agreed to reimburse the District and submit a revised profit and loss statement. (Appendix B). It was moved by Lynne Logan, and seconded, that the Tournament Oversight Committee reconsider the purchase of tables and bidding boxes as an allowable tournament expense. The President requested a hand vote and the motion failed.


TOURNAMENT COORDINATORÕS REPORT: Charles MacCracken was unable to attend the meeting and no report was available.


NAP/GNT/STaC COORDINATORÕS REPORT: In the absence of Russ Jones, the President read his report (Appendix C). Since Laurel is no longer interested in hosting the D-10 GNT finals, the Board discussed alternatives. The finals of Flights A, B & C are scheduled in Jackson in 2006. Suggested locations for 2007 were Little Rock, Jackson and New Orleans. If New Orleans is chosen, it would include the Championship Flight. Clay Hall agreed to discuss these alternatives with his Committee and make a recommendation at the Biloxi meeting.


EDUCATION LIAISON REPORT: Janice Van Dyke reported that the Executive Committee had approved two additional requests for matching fundsŃUnit 180, Mississippi Gulf Coast for $412 and Unit 221, Southeast Louisiana, for $289. These amounts will be sent to the Treasurers of the respective Units. Janice informed the Board that Clair Chisler had agreed to assume the duties of Education Liaison.

She reminded those present that at the last meeting the Board had agreed to consider assisting Units with Ņup front seed moneyÓ in those cases where funds were not available. Clair had agreed to contact D-10 Unit Presidents and education liaisons to request appropriate ways to do so. She did but, at the present time, there appears to be very little interest in such a program. (See Appendix D). The President thanked Clair for her efforts in this matter.


D-10 REPRESENTATIVE TO ACBL BOARD: Bill Cook distributed copies of his report on the Board of DirectorsÕ meeting which was held prior to the Spring Nationals in Pittsburgh:

(1)  Junior Teams in International competition are now under the auspices of the United States Bridge Federation. The annual sum of $50,000 from the Junior Fund monies will be given to the USBF, along with any sanction fees earned from hosting International Fund Games.

(2)  The Board voted to sell the building housing the ACBL headquarters in Memphis.

(3)  Every five years, the Board reviews the composition of the Districts. Presently, Florida is one District, comprising approximately 18,000 members, three times the average. The Board is considering dividing Florida into two Districts and adding the panhandle, with approximately 1,000 members, to District 10.

(4)  ACBL provides free liability insurance coverage to Units and Districts during sanctioned tournaments. For a nominal fee, insurance coverage is available for officers and directors of Units and Districts to protect them from frivolous lawsuits.

(5)  Due to the decrease in participation, the fate of the Grand National Teams is being studied.


The President adjourned the meeting at 9:30 am, requesting that those present reconvene at 1:00 p.m.



The meeting was called to order by the President at 1:00 p.m.


At Bill CookÕs suggestion, the Board discussed at length the possibility of increasing the size of our District. Those present agreed to the addition of the Florida panhandle, provided our District is allotted an additional Regional every year. Under these conditions, the panhandle would host a District 10 Regional every other year, as they presently do.


Bill Cook reminded those present that he was on the Committee which will review the status of the Grand National Teams. He requested input to assist him in these discussions.


TOURNAMENT OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE REPORT: Clay Hall, Chairman, reported that the Oversight Committee recommended that the Championship Flight of the GNT District Finals be scheduled during the Hot Springs Regional in 2006 and during the New Orleans Regional in 2007. In a motion made by David Seibert and seconded by Terry Van Dyke, this recommendation was approved. This motion negated discussion on choosing a Championship Flight GNT to represent the District.


Clay Hall stated that the Oversight Committee will study the District policy regarding Regional Ads and report at the Biloxi meeting.


Clay also told the Board he would review past Board minutes and amend the District 10 Regional Policies and Procedures as necessary. These guidelines will then be posted on the Website.

FORUM EDITORÕS/WEBMASTERÕS REPORT - Don Kemp informed the Board that a request had been made to list members and their master points on the District website. The response from the Board members was negative and Don was asked to forward this information. The Forum continues to lose approximately $1200 per issue. The President thanked Don for his continued service.


OLD BUSINESS : At the request of the Board, the Tournament Oversight Committee reviewed the 20- versus 30-point victory scale for KOÕs and Swiss Teams. At the present time, all D-10 Regionals use the 30-point victory scale; however, if a Tournament Chairperson wishes to change to the 20-point scale, it would be allowed. The Board discussed mandating the 30-point scale. However, in a motion made by Dave Seibert, seconded by Richard Helams, and unanimously passed, the Board allowed the present policy to remain, which leaves the decision to the Tournament Chairperson.


NEW BUSINESS: The President informed the Board that in 2007, the ACBL Charity Foundation would issue a $20,000 grant to District 10. This amount may be divided into no more than five separate grants each, which must be made to a qualified 501(c)(3) organization. She requested that members submit suggestions at the meeting in Biloxi. These grants are issued to Districts on a rotating five-year cycle.


At the Biloxi meeting it was learned that the Baton Rouge Unit led District 10 in recruiting new members. The President asked Craig Cordes to prepare a report for the Jackson meeting. Craig circulated a list of activities and explained how the Unit gained 57 new members (a 25% increase) and had an 87% retention rate for the past three years. The President had also contacted all other Units in the District and Tamah Goad, Unit 221, reported on their activities to increase membership. The President requested that these reports be printed in The Forum as space permits. Bill Cook reported that Maurice Joseph (Club Manager in Baton Rouge), who was in large part responsible for that UnitÕs success, had agreed to conduct a seminar at any D-10 Regional if his expenses were covered. Terry Van Dyke will investigate the feasibility of this occurring at the Tunica Regional. If scheduled, the seminar will be advertised in The Forum and on the website.


The President announced that a vacancy has occurred on the Board of Governors. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact her, as she is required to fill this position, prior to the Atlanta Nationals.


Dave Seibert requested the Board discuss handicapping the top bracket of the KOÕs at all D-10 Regionals. At the present time, program ads for all D-10 Regionals must state that the top flight of the bracketed KOÕs may be handicapped. In a motion made by Dave Seibert, seconded by Clay Hall and unanimously passed, this was amended to require that program ads for all D-10 Regionals state that the top flight of bracketed KOÕs will be handicapped.


Dave Seibert also suggested that in the Swiss Team Events of all District 10 Regionals, a teamÕs flight assignment be determined by adding the number of master points of all members of the team and dividing by the number of team members. Clay Hall informed the Board that this could not be mandated by the Board, but their Committee would inform Tournament Chairpersons of the advantages of this method.


Tournament Chairpersons were advised that if the ACBL Convention Mid-Chart is allowed in Flight A events, it must be so noted on the tournament program.


The next Board meeting is scheduled during the Biloxi Regional in January 2006.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Dena Cameron, Secretary