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                                                                                                                        DISTRICT 10



Tunica Mississippi

September 24, 2005



A special meeting of the District 10 Board of Delegates was called to order by the President, Janice Van Dyke, at 8:00 a.m. on September 24, 2005, at SamÕs Town Casino and Hotel in Tunica, MS.


District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates*, lst Alternates** and other alternates***:


Unit 134 - Vicki Willis***                               Unit 161 - Dave Seibert*

Unit 138 - Chuck Wilkinson*                         Unit 179  - Art Lowen**

            Unit 144 - Terry Van Dyke*                           Unit 182  - Irby Jones**            

               - Vera Lamar**                                 Unit  211  - Richard Helams*

Unit 157 - Clair Chisler*                                Unit 214  - Carolyn Elliott*

                  Jean Reaves**                               Unit  220 Ð Jack Tidball*


The following District 10 officials and guests were also in attendance:                                              


Bill Cook, District Director                                 Richard Helams, Treasurer

Janice Van Dyke, President                                 Dena Cameron,Secretary

Clair Chisler, Vice President/Ed. Liaison            Robert Teel, President, Unit 157           

            Don Kemp, Forum Editor/Webmaster                 Pat Williams, Tour. Mgr., Unit 179     

            Charlie MacCracken, Tournament Coordinator


Units 170, 180, 215, 221, and 232 were not represented. 


The President stated that the meetingÕs agenda would be limited to the following: 

(1)   Relocating the Biloxi Regional scheduled on January 23-29, 2006,

(2)   Changes in the publication of The Forum due to Katrina,

(3)   The procedure for disbursing the funds donated to rebuild bridge in the clubs/units affected by Katrina.



After much discussion, the Board narrowed the relocation of the 2006 Biloxi Regional to Nashville, TN; Jackson, MS; and Tunica, MS.  On behalf of the Nashville site,  Art Lowen, Voting Delegate, and Pat Williams, Tournament Manager of Unit 179, stated that the Maxwell House was unavailable, but they would pursue other venues, including Opryland.  Bill Cook and Chuck Wilkinson, Unit 138, will investigate sites in Jackson, MS.  Terry Van Dyke, Unit 144, stated that the Sales Department of SamÕs Town Casino and Hotel would report to him within a week about the availability of SamÕs Town.  


It was agreed that this Regional could be scheduled on January 23-29, 2006, or January 30-February 5, 2006.  It was also agreed that the results of the above investigations must be forwarded to the President no later than October 8, 2005.  Based on the information available, the Executive Committee would make a decision.  Charlie MacCracken, District 10 Tournament Coordinator,  requested that he and/or Butch Campbell at ACBL be kept informed of any decisions made by the Executive Committee.


During the above discussion, David Seibert, Voting Delegate of Unit 161, informed the Board that their Unit would be interested in hosting a regional at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock if relocation of the Biloxi tournament in 2007 became necessary.


Don Kemp, Forum Editor, reported that the September issue of The Forum was never printed, since Knight-Abbey, located in Biloxi, had been displaced by Katrina. The Board approved refunding Units for tournament ads in the September issue.  After an in-depth search, Don reported that he had located a new printer in Fayetteville, TN, at a comparable rate and the October issue will be mailed shortly.  The September and October issues may be found on the D-10 Website.  The Board approved putting future issues of The Forum on the website. The dates for publishing The Forum, as well as the deadlines for articles and tournament ads, have been moved forward one month.


The President informed the Board that District 7 and the Mid- Atlantic Bridge Conference had donated $20,000 each ($40,000 total) for rebuilding bridge clubs devastated by Katrina.  As a contingency, they requested our procedures for the allocation of these funds.  Suggestions were received from those present, such as requesting a copy of insurance policies; receiving a list of equipment and supplies which needed replacing, along with the cost of each item; receipts for items already replaced; cost of renting or leasing temporary facilities; and on-site visits to confirm requested needs.  The Board approved the establishment of a separate checking account.  All requests for assistance will be sent to the President.  She will poll the Executive Committee and any authorized requests would be forwarded to the Treasurer, Richard Helams, for payment.  The President agreed to include all suggestions in a draft of ÒProcedures for Disbursing FundsÓ.  The initial draft will be e-mailed to the Executive Committee for comments and suggestions.  The final draft will be sent to District 7 and the Mid Atlantic Bridge Conference.


The Board discussed District 10Õs responsibility in adding to the Òrebuilding of bridge fund.Ó  In a motion made by Art Lowen, seconded by Chuck Wilkinson, and unanimously passed, the Board agreed to place a restriction on $20,000 of the DistrictÕs funds for the rebuilding of bridge along the Gulf Coast.  After some discussion, it was moved by Chuck Wilkinson and seconded by Jack Tidball that the above motion be reconsidered.  The motion passed.  In a motion made by Chuck Wilkinson, seconded by Terry Van Dyke and unanimously passed, the Board set aside $29,000 of unrestricted funds to subsidize, if needed, the District 10 January 2006 Regional, with the remainder to be added to the Òrebuilding of bridge fund.Ó


The next Board meeting is scheduled during the relocated Biloxi Regional in 2006.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Dena Cameron, Secretary