Nashville, Tennessee

January 28, 2006


The Mid-South Conference Board of Delegates met on January 28th at the Hotel Preston in Nashville, TN.

District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates* and lst Alternates**.


Unit 138 - Chuck Wilkinson*                         Unit 179 - Art Lowen**            

Unit 144 - Terry Van Dyke*                          Unit 180 - Lynne Logan*    

- Vera Lamar**                                Unit 211 - Richard Helams*

            Unit 157 - Clair Chisler*                                Unit 214 - Carolyn Elliott*

                           - Jean Reeves**                               Unit  215 - Howard McDonald*

            Unit 161 - Dave Seibert*                                               - Christie Sellers** 

Unit 170 - Randy Kenyon*                            Unit 220  -  Jack Tidball*                  

   - Pam Kenyon**                             Unit 232  -  Paul Munafo*


The following District 10 officials and guests were also in attendance:


Harriette Buckman, ACBL President             Don Kemp, Forum Editor/Webmaster

Jay Baum, CEO of ACBL                              Dena Cameron, Secretary

Bill Cook, District Director                            Pat Williams, Nashville Tour. Chairman

Janice Van Dyke, President                            Diane Oldham, Unit 144

Clair Chisler, Vice President     .                     Elaine Said, Unit 179                  

            Richard Helams, Treasurer


Units 134, 184, and 221 were not represented. 


The meeting was called to order by the President, Janice Van Dyke, at 8:00 a.m.  The President introduced Harriette Buckman, President of ACBL. Harriette told the group that she had planned to attend the Tunica Regional in September, but decided she should visit District 10 as early in the year as possible to show support to the members devastated by Katrina.  She also mentioned that during her tenure as President of ACBL her emphasis would be on teaching and she had scheduled a workshop/dinner that evening to salute bridge teachers.    


The President introduced Jay Baum, CEO of ACBL.  He told the Board that the ACBL has raised $107,000 to assist their members affected by Katrina.  He stated there were several persons (especially from the New Orleans area) they could not locate.  If anyone present knew of members who were not receiving their Bulletins, he requested they contact the ACBL.  He also applauded Pat Williams for organizing the Nashville tournament in such a short time.


The minutes of the meeting held in Tunica on September 24, 2005, were unanimously approved as mailed in a motion made by Art Lowen and seconded by Dave Seibert.


TOURNAMENT COORDINATORÕS REPORT:    Charles MacCracken reported that the Nashville Tournament would exceed 1600 tables--much higher than expectations. Previously the Board had discussed the possibility of having to subsidize the tournament, but that was not going to be necessary.  The President also congratulated Pat Williams on the excellent job of producing a Regional in such a short time.  Lynne Logan, Tournament Chairman for the Biloxi Regional, added her appreciation for the successful relocation of that Regional.  Lynne also reported that negotiations are being made to hold the 2007 Biloxi Regional at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi and the 2008 Biloxi Regional at the Biloxi Grand Hotel.


NAP/GNT/STaC COORDINATORÕS REPORT:  In the absence of Russ Jones, the President read his report (Appendix A).


EDUCATION LIAISON REPORT:  Clair Chisler reported that since the last meeting, the Executive Committee had approved a request in matching funds for $643.82 submitted by the Hot Springs Duplicate Bridge Club for Easy Bridge Lessons.  Of the $10,000 allotted by the Board in 2005, total disbursements were $2,400.82. 


D-10 REPRESENTATIVE TO ACBL BOARD:   Bill Cook distributed copies of his report on the Board of DirectorsÕ meeting which was held prior to the Denver Fall Nationals. Highlights of his report were:

(1)   In Flight A and the Super Flight of the NAPairs and GNTeams, respectively, residency requirements have become more stringent. Players must play in the Finals of the District in which they reside. Exceptions may be granted as outlined in the CommitteeÕs report.

(2)   The Regional and Sectional Tournament Scheduling and Sanctioning Committee has set up ground rules for allocating Regionals and Sectionals, as well as outlining procedures for dealing with conflicts between Districts.

(3)   Memphis has been chosen to host the 2012 Nationals.  This coincides with the 75th Anniversary of the American Contract Bridge League.


TOURNAMENT OÕSIGHT COMMITTEE REPORT: Chairman Clay Hall was absent from the meeting and no report was available.  Janice agreed to ask Clay for a written report which would be attached to the minutes (Appendix B).  Those present were reminded of the action taken at the Jackson meeting in June 2005 which approved scheduling the Super Flight of the GNT District Finals during the Hot Springs Regional in 2006 and during the New Orleans Regional in 2007. 


FORUM EDITORÕS/WEBMASTERÕS REPORT: Don Kemp informed the Board that the cost of publishing The Forum has risen.  Due to the cancellation of Gulf Coast Sectionals, the advertising revenue is down, and the cost of postage has risen.  In accordance with the BoardÕs wishes, The Forum is now available on the website.  Don also agreed to request that all Sectional Tournament Managers submit daily results for posting on the website.


OLD BUSINESS:  The President informed the Board that in 2007, the ACBL Charity Foundation would issue a $20,000 grant to District 20.  This amount may be divided into no more than five separate grants, which must be made to a qualified 501 (c)(3) organization. These grants are issued to Districts on a rotating basis every five years.   Suggestions from the floor included St. Jude ChildrenÕs Research Hospital, The Salvation Army, and the AlzheimerÕs Association.  The President stated additional nominations could be submitted prior to the next Board meeting, at which time a final vote will be taken.


NEW BUSINESS:  Janice reported on the status of the Katrina Rebuilding Bridge Fund.  Approximately $98,000 has been donated by Districts, Units, Clubs and individual bridge players.  (This includes the $29,000 that was designated by District 10).  Approximately $16,000 has been approved by Executive Committee members for rebuilding purposes.  Board members requested that lists of donors and recipients be sent to them.  Janice, with the assistance of Brent Manley, will write a feature article for the ACBL Bulletin, expressing the gratitude of District 10 to those who contributed to the Katrina Rebuilding Bridge Fund.



The President opened the nominations for the Office of the President.  Art Lowen nominated Janice Van Dyke, who declined for personal reasons.  Art Lowen nominated David Seibert, who declined saying he wished to gain more experience as a Board member.  Lynne Logan nominated Clair Chisler.  The nominations were closed and Clair Chisler was elected President.


The President opened the nominations for Vice President.  Art Lowen nominated David Seibert.  Chuck Wilkerson nominated Jack Tidball.  In accordance with the Bylaws a written ballot was distributed to each voting delegate and Jack Tidball was elected.


The President opened the nominations for Treasurer.  Jack Tidball nominated Lynne Logan.  Terry Van Dyke nominated Diane Oldham.  In accordance with the Bylaws, a written ballot was distributed to each voting delegate and Lynne Logan was elected.


Dena Cameron was elected Secretary by acclamation.


TREASURERÕS REPORT:  Richard Helams arrived at this point in the meeting and presented his TreasurerÕs Report (Appendix C). Although he did not have with him the list of Katrina Fund donors or a list of recipients, these will be made available to the Secretary and circulated to the Board members with the minutes (Appendix D). The TreasurerÕs report was accepted as presented.


The next Board meeting is scheduled on May 20, 2006, in Hot Springs, AR.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Dena Cameron, Secretary