Tunica, Mississippi

September 16, 2006


The Mid-South Conference Board of Delegates met on September 16th at Sam's Casino Hotel in Tunica, MS.


District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates* and lst Alternates**.


Unit 138 - Chuck Wilkinson*                         Unit 180 - Lynne Logan*

Unit 144 - Vera Lamar**                                Unit 182 - Craig Cordes*

Unit 157 - Mary Jo Howard**                         Unit 211 - Richard Helams*

          Unit 170 - Bill Young*                                     Unit 214 Carolyn Elliott*

                        Linda Young**                              Unit 220 - Jack Tidball*

            Unit 179 - Elaine Said*                                         Unit 221 - Tamah Goad*                   

- Art Lowen**                                


The following District 10 officials and guests were also in attendance:


            Bill Cook, District Director                              Don Kemp, Forum Editor/Webmaster

Clair Chisler, President                                     Russ Jones, GNT/NAP Coordinator

Jack Tidball, Vice President                              Charles MacCracken, Tournament Coord.

Lynne Logan, Treasurer                                   Clay Hall, Chairman, Oversight Comm.

Dena Cameron, Secretary                                 Chuck Wilkinson, Katrina Coordinator

            Janice Van Dyke, Education Coordinator         Bob Heller, District 7 Representative

Jim Tucker, Board of Governors


Units 134, 161, 215, and 232 were not represented.


The meeting was called to order by the President, Clair Chisler, at 8:00 a.m. The President introduced Jim Tucker, who was appointed to the Board of Governors to replace Ralph Cohen, who passed away this summer.


In a motion made by Janice Van Dyke, seconded by Lynne Logan, and unanimously passed, the minutes of the meeting held in Nashville on January 28, 2006 were approved with the following correction: Line 19, change Unit 184 to Unit 182. .


TREASURER'S REPORT: Lynne Logan presented the Treasurer's Report (See Appendix A). At Chuck Wilkinson's suggestion, Lynne stated she would separate the monies allocated to the Katrina Fund, Education Fund and the National Hospitality Fund on future reports. The Treasurer's Report was approved in a motion made by Jack Tidball, seconded by Chuck Wilkinson and unanimously passed.


In a motion made by Jack Tidball, seconded by Bill Cook and unanimously passed, a committee will be appointed to discuss ways to increase District funds.



TOURNAMENT OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE REPORT: Clay Hall, Chairman, discussed the loss of funds in publishing The Forum. The Editor, Don Kemp, had circulated a survey requesting feedback in regard to sending The Forum to clubs, rather than individuals. About 60% of those responding thought it was a good idea. Raising the price of advertising in The Forum was also considered. In a motion made by Bill Cook, seconded by Craig Cordes and unanimously passed a committee will be appointed to discuss ways to increase District D-10 funds.


At this juncture, the President introduced Bob Heller, President of District 7. Bob was applauded for his District's extraordinary donation to the Katrina Relief Fund. He thanked us for participating in their STaCs, stating that in the future he hoped one director could be appointed for both Districts, thus halving the administrative costs for each District.

Clay Hall circulated copies of the new Tournament Oversight Committee Guidelines (Appendix B). These guidelines include recent Board action.


Clay brought up the changes made by the Board regarding handicapping the top bracket of Knockouts scheduled during Regionals. After a lengthy discussion, it was moved by Jack Tiball, seconded by Chuck Wilkinson and

passed, the Board rescinded the motion adopted at the July 31, 2004 meeting in Nashville.


Clay suggested that at a future meeting the Board should discuss raising monies for the 2012 Memphis NABC. Since our District is hosting an NABC in New Orleans in 2010, he warned that there may not be enough funds generated by the STaCs in two years.


Clay further mentioned that the current rotation plan for Regionals should be reviewed, since some have not met the goals previously set. The Board requested that the Tournament Oversight Committee review this matter and make recommendations at the next meeting.


TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR'S REPORT: Charles reported that Baron-Barclay Supplies had purchased the expendable bridge supplies from the American Contract Bridge League. Some Units and Tournament Directors will be establishing supply businesses, so there should not be any problem providing expendables for any tournaments beginning in 2006. In a motion made by Chuck Wilkinson and seconded by Lynn Logan, Units who supply tournaments will receive the published rate (which presently is 95 cents per table). The motion carried.

NAP/GNT/STaC COORDINATOR'S REPORT: Russ Jones. reported that all Units must hold an NAP Unit Final for Flights B and C between September 1st and December 31st. Sanction forms are available on the website. The District Finals for Flight A (over 2000 master points) will be held on September 17th during the Tunica Regional. Although they have already played in the District Final, Units are encouraged to indicate on their sanction that the Unit Final will include Flight A players, since this results in a 20% increase in master points awarded.


The Board discussed the present policy regarding GNT or NAP Finals held at Sectionals or Regionals. In a motion made and seconded, players will be charged $10 per player per session, or the fee being charged in the Flight A games at the tournament, whichever is greater. The motion passed.


In District 10, there were 172 tables in play at the Unit Finals of the GNTeams. This generated $2,205, which was matched by District 10, for a total of $4,410. The monies were prorated according to attendance in each Flight, which resulted in Flight A receiving $1200; Flight B, $1890; and Flight C, $1320. After discussing a subsidy for the GNT Super Flight, the Board agreed to follow the present policy, which does not allow a subsidy for the winners to participate in the NABC Finals.


Russ mentioned that Tupelo was interested in hosting the GNT District Finals, alternating with Jackson, MS. Presntly these Finals are scheduled in Jackson during the April Sectional in 2007 and 2008. In a motion made by Tamah Goad and seconded, the Board agreed to schedule the District Finals in Tupelo in April of 2009. Subsequently these events will be rotated between Jackson and Tupelo. The motion passed. When Tupelo hosts the NAP District Finals, their Sectional will be moved from the Fall to April. The years when Tupelo hosts the NAP Finals, Jackson will cancel their April Sectional .


In a motion made by Jack Tidball, seconded by Lynne Logan and passed, the Board voted to join District 7's STaC on December 11-17, 2006; December 13-18, 2007; and December 15-21, 2008.


EDUCATION LIAISON REPORT: Janice Van Dyke reported that Janet Nortman, President of Unit 221 had requested $500 in matching funds for Susan Menache, who recently opened the Ace Bridge Club in Alexandria, LA. She is recruiting people who have never played duplicate bridge, as well as some who never played bridge She is teaching Easy Bridge and using leftover materials donated by the Lafayette Bridge Club, which the Unit purchased for them in 2004. Janice stated that this request had been approved by the Executive Committee and a check in the amount of $500 will be mailed to the secretary of the Unit.


D-10 REPRESENTATIVE TO ACBL BOARD: Bill Cook distributed copies of his report on the Board of Directors' meeting which was held prior to the Chicago Summer Nationals (See Appendix C). One of the highlights of the meeting was the approval to purchase a Directors and Officers Liability Policy (which includes slander) and would cover Units, Districts and Committees. He reported that the agenda for the Fall Nationals will be on the ACBL website and requested feedback from those present.


FORUM EDITOR'S/WEBMASTER'S REPORT: Don Kemp reported that publication of The Forum costs approximately 45cents per issue, of which 31cents goes to postage. Advertising income has increased since the Gulf Coast is now scheduling Sectionals. At the present time the cost of advertising in The Forum if $200 per one-half page. Discussion followed regarding encouraging non-bridge sources to advertise in this publication and raising the price accordingly. Don was requested to investigate the matter and report at the meeting in Jackson.


KATRINA RELIEF FUND: Chuck Wilkinson submitted amended Procedures for Disbursing Funds for Rebuilding Bridge at Club/Units in the Mid-South Bridge Conference (District 10) Adversely Affected by Hurricanes in 2005 (See Appendix D) An updated list of donations and expenditures, as well as various news articles, were included. After the deadline of 12/31/08, the Board approved returning any remaining funds to donors on a pro rata basis. The President thanked Chuck for a job well done.


OLD BUSINESS : In 2007, the ACBL Charity Foundation will issue a $20,000 grant to District 10 to be donated to any charity which qualifies as a 501 (c)3 organization. Suggestions made at the Nashville meeting included St Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Salvation Army and the Alzheimer's Association. Bill Cook requested that the Common Bond Association in Jackson, MS be included. In a motion made by Craig Cordes and seconded by Jack Tidball, the Board unanimously approved donating $5,000 to each of the above.


The President appointed Janice Van Dyke and Chuck Wilkinson to assist the Tournament O'Sight Committee in studying the annual rotation of D-10 Regionals. She also appointed Janice Van Dyke, Chuck Wilkinson and Jack Tidball to assist Don Kemp, Editor of The Forum, in seeking ways and means of lowering the cost of this publication.


Bill Cook requested that Voting Delegates appointed to represent their Units, be required to attend the District 10 Board meeting in lieu of playing in a bridge event.


The next District 10 Board meeting is schedule on January 13, 2007, in Jackson, MS.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Dena Cameron, Secretary