Jackson, Mississippi

January 13, 2007


The Mid- South Conference Board of Delegates met on January 13th at the Clarion Hotel in Jackson, MS.


District 10 Units were represented by the following Voting Delegates* and lst Alternates**


            Unit 138 – Chuck Wilkinson*                   Unit 170 – Bill Young*

            Unit 144 – Cecil Skaggs*                         Linda Young**

            Vera Lamar**                                  Unit 180 - Lynn Logan*

            Unit 157 - Clair Chisler*                         Unit 214 - Carolyn Elliott*

            Mary Jo Howard**              Unit 220 – Jack Tidball*

            Unit 182 – Craig Cordes                          Unit 221 – Tamah Goad*


Units 134, 161, 179, 211, 215, and 232 were not represented..


The following District 10 officials were also in attendance.

            Bill Cook, District Director                       Russ Jones, GNT/NAP/STaC Coordinator

            Clair Chisler, President                            Charles MacCracken, Tournament Coordinator

            Jack Tidball, Vice President                      Chuck Wilkinson, Katrina Coordinator

            Lynn Logan, Treasurer                              Robin Wilkinson, Parliamentarian

            Dena Cameron, Secretary                          Jim Tucker, Board of Directors

            Don Kemp, Forum Editor/Webmaster


The meeting was called to order by the President, Clair Chisler, at 9:30 a.m.


In a motion made by Jack Tidball and seconded by Vera Lamar, the minutes of the meeting held in Tunica on September 16th were approved as mailed.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Lynn Logan circulated copies of the Financial Report (Appendix A). Since Lynn reported that the District was approximately $19,000 in arrears, several questions were raised. To determine the reason for this predicament, Lynn agreed to review the financial reports for the past few years. which Bill Cook will send her. Lynn reported that she had sent the proceeds of the 2006 STaC’s ($9400) to the Nashville Unit toward hospitality at the NABC this summer. When the CD comes due in March, an additional $21,815.37 will be sent to the Nashville Unit. The Financial Report was accepted as presented.



TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR REPORT: Charles MacCracken reported on the status of supplying tournaments with expendables. The Eastern and Western portions of our District will be supplied by the Mid-Atlantic District and Tom Whitesides, respectively. Charlie will supply the Northern portion. Sanctions for 2010 Regionals and 2007 Sectionals are now due.


NAP/GNT/STaC COORDINATOR REPORT: Russ Jones reported that between now and April 15th, every Unit must hold a GNT qualifying event for Flights A, B, and C. A one-session event awards only Red Points and a two-session event awards Gold Points. The GNT District Finals will be held at the Jackson, MS, Sectional. Flights B and C will hold a qualifying event on Friday evening, April 27th, with a two-session Final on Saturday. A two-session Flight A KO event will be held on Saturday, April 28th, with a two-session Final on Sunday. The Super Flight A of the GNT will be held during the New Orleans

Regional. The Board approved scheduling the two session event opposite the Regional Swiss Team event, which presumably will be Monday, May 28th.

The Flight A Finals of the NAPairs was scheduled during the Tunica Tournament in September, 2006. Two pairs will progress to the Finals held during the St. Louis NABC in March, 2007. The Flight B and C Finals are being at the Jackson Regional today, January 13th. Two pairs from Flight B and three pairs from Flight C will progress to the Finals. District 10 is hosting a STaC from January 29 to February 4, 2007. District 7 will join us and all proceeds will go to District 10. Both District 7 and District 10 are hosting a STaC on June 18 to 24, 2007. Each District will receive the proceeds from the clubs in its area. One Director will be appointed to serve both Districts, thus reducing expenses. As previously approved, District 10 will join District 7 for the STaC scheduled in December, and all proceeds will go to District 7.



EDUCATION LIAISON REPORT: In the absence of Janice Van Dyke, the President reported that there had been no requests for matching funds since the last District 10 Board meeting in Tunica, 2006.



DISTRICT DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Bill Cook distributed copies of his report on the Fall NABC in Honolulu, 2006. (Appendix B). Following are a few highlights:

The Board extended the ACBL CEO’s contract through June of 2008.

The Board approved the contract to sell the Headquarters’ building; however the buyer has some 60 days to make a decision.

The Board rescinded the requirement for clubs to hold an annual sanctioned charity game to benefit the ACBL Charity Foundation.                 


TOURNAMENT OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE: In the absence of Clay Hall, Jack Tidball, a member of the Oversight Committee, requested that Lynn Logan report on scheduling the 2008 Biloxi Regional. She stated the Imperial Palace has the space available for the dates requested. However their room rates are $109 per night during the week and $179 per night on Friday and Saturday. Charlie MacCracken suggested that the Harrison County Tourism Society might be of assistance in negotiating lower room rates. Lynn suggested that the Board consider scheduling the Regional on Sunday through Thursday, thus eliminating the higher weekend rates. Lynn had also contacted The Island View (previously The Grand) in Gulfport. One area of the rebuilding process is finished, but it is not known at this time if it will include convention space.


The Board was informed that approximately $30,000 had been raised for hospitality at the Nashville NABC in July, 2007. In a motion made by Jack Tidball, seconded by Chuck Wilkinson and passed, starting in 2007, the Board will set aside funds from the STaC’s for hospitality at future NABC’s up to, but not exceeding, $30,000.

FORUM EDITOR/WEBSITE REPORT: Don Kemp reported that The Forum, as presently being circulated, would never be self supporting. After much discussion, it was moved by Chuck Wilkinson that members not interested in receiving The Forum have a method for opting out; charge for D-10 Regional ads; and investigate sending The Forum by email to all members preferring this process. The motion was seconded and unanimously carried. Don was requested to discuss the opting-out procedure with ACBL. The Board thanked Don for the tremendous job he is doing in regard to The Forum and the Website.


KATRINA FUND REPORT: Chuck Wilkinson presented a report on the Katrina Fund (Appendix C). He stated there had been no disbursements since the Tunica meeting, but two requests, amounting to approximately $7,000 had been received recently; one from the New Orleans Unit which covered remaining expenses for rent prior to moving back into the refurbished club; the other was approximately $600 to promote an education program. Delegates from the Gulf Coast were asked to inform the bridge teachers in their area that Katrina Funds would cover expenses for an education program. Chuck said he would also include this information in his next article in The Forum.


NEW BUSINESS: The President stated that at a previous meeting, the Board had discussed Maurice Joseph’s offer to hold a seminar, at a future D-10 Regional, on increasing Unit membership by marketing duplicate bridge in one’s own area. He was asking to be reimbursed for lodging and mileage at the Regional. In a motion made by Jack Tidball and seconded by Chuck Wilkinson, the Board requested that Janice Van Dyke, District 10 Education Liaison, poll the Unit Education Liaisons to determine their interest in such a seminar. Maurice Joseph would be advised that unless 15 persons made a committment to attend, the seminar would be cancelled. The motion passed with one negative vote.


Chuck Wilkinson requested that the 2009 Jackson Regional be relocated to Vicksburg, MS. Since it is a gambling venue it would appear to be more popular to tournament players. In order to prepare the local workers, the next three Jackson Unit Sectionals will be relocated to Vicksburg; namely January 2008, April 2008 and January 2009. At the Jackson Unit Annual Membership meeting, 95% of those attending supported such a move. In a motion made by Lynn Logan, seconded and passed, the Jackson Unit was given the option of scheduling the 2009 Regional in Vicksburg.


Attention was drawn to Article IV, Section D of the Bylaws, relating to representation of Units at District Board meetings. The Secretary will notify the Presidents of all Units not represented.




The following officers were nominated, seconded and elected by acclamation:


            President – Clair Chisler

            Vice President – Jack Tidball

            Treasurer – Lynn Logan


Due to the resignation of Dena Cameron, the President opened the nominations for Secretary. In a motion made by Jack Tidball, Judy Knox was nominated. The nominations were closed and Judy Knox was elected Secretary of District 10.


The next meeting is scheduled during the Tunica Tournament in September 2007.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Dena Cameron, Secretary


Total Table Count – 1079.5