District 10 Charity Committee

by Chuck Wilkinson
District 10 Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors

December 12, 2003

The ACBL Charity Committee is a standing committee composed of representatives from each district. Each district director appoints two new members from his or her district annually to serve on the ACBL Charity Committee. These are lifetime appointments. All members of the committee receive, and thereafter are entitled to wear, official Charity committee pins.

Since this is primarily an honorary appointment, I select members from our district whose contributions have placed them head and shoulders above the crowd. These are people who have selflessly committed their time and energies on behalf of bridge.

The following are the appointments for 2004:

Dick Brammell, Metairie, LA – When Dick & Ellie Brammell were first married 40 years ago, they enjoyed playing bridge together. Because of family and business commitments, they stopped playing up until seven years ago, when Dick retired from Murphy Oil. With more time on his hands, Dick began volunteering for various activities at the club. His involvement has gradually increased over the years, starting with helping with the club Christmas Party to serving on the unit board for the past four years. He served as President and Vice-President of the LBA. Whether it has been bartending for club activities, scheduling club and unit events, or co-chairing the Registration Desk at the 2003 New Orleans NABC, Dick has been a ready and willing volunteer.

Norma Stewart, Hot Springs, AR – Norma has a love of the game and tries to instill this feeling in others. Over the years, she has labored to promote bridge and make it an enjoyable experience for those around her. In the 60’s, she started a duplicate bridge club in Stuttgart, AR . She served on the unit board in the 70’s. Recently, she taught 9 tables of intermediate bridge at the Hot Springs Club. Currently, she serves on the board of the Hot Springs Club.

The following is a list of appointments to the ACBL Charity Committee each year since the first year in 1960. (Deceased members are still listed.)

1960 Mrs. Benton Brandon Little Rock, AR
1960 Kermit Chadwick Edgewater Park, MS

1961 Mrs. Camp Flournoy Shreveport, LA
1961 Roy Golden Little Rock, AR

1962 Mrs. Britton C. Cook New Orleans, LA
1962 H.E. Rumble Memphis, TN

1963 Mrs. E.B. Geer Blytheville, AR
1963 J.A. Rockhold Baton Rouge, LA

1964 Mrs. Ben McKown New Orleans, LA
1964 Nate Silverstein Memphis, TN

1965 Joe Maynard Pine Bluff, AR

1966 Mrs. William Jinks Gulfport, MS
1966 James Boudreaux Lake Charles, LA

1967 Mrs. Euleen Berry Little Rock, AR
1967 Louis Gurvich New Orleans, LA

1968 Mrs. J.R. Fairbairn Baton Rouge, LA
1968 Julian Slager Montgomery, AL

1969 Mrs. C.G. Parsley Nashville, TN
1969 Joel Colglazier Mobile, AL

1970 Carol Sanders Nashville, TN
1970 Dane Clay Little Rock, AR

1971 Mrs. W.F. Ledsinger Memphis, TN
1971 Paul Baddour Memphis, TN

1972 Mrs. T.A. Gresham Shreveport, LA
1972 Robert Harris Shreveport, LA

1973 Mrs. E.B. Nix Pine Bluff, AR
1973 Bernard Callender Columbia, MS

1974 Doris Smith Birmingham, AL
1974 Vaughn Ellzey Shreveport, LA

1975 Louise Cairns Birmingham, AL
1975 Ed Lester Little Rock, AR

1976 Mrs. M.E. Asher Metairie, LA
1976 Peggy Jett Little Rock, AR

1977 Mrs. J.A. Rockhold Baton Rouge, LA
1977 Guy Darst Nashville, TN

1978 Tina McKee Clinton, MS
1978 Donald Bearden Birmingham, AL

1979 Jean Thomas Memphis, TN
1979 C.L. Merritt Metairie, LA

1980 Nell Cahn Shreveport, LA
1980 C.J. Hoadley New Orleans, LA

1981 Ruth Pique Biloxi, MS
1981 Mae Cook Memphis, TN

1982 Pat Naremore Metairie, LA
1982 Ann Pate Roberts Mobile, AL

1983 Sue Roberts Hattiesburg, MS
1983 Norman Owen N. Little Rock, AR

1984 Pat Schwartz Metairie, LA
1984 Allan Ketchum Daphne, AL

1985 Erna Bean New Orleans, LA
1985 Mac Beyt New Iberia, LA

1986 Dick Carvel Germantown, TN
1986 Carman Spell Baton Rouge, LA

1987 Judy Steinfield Shreveport, LA
1987 Bernadine Jenkins Nashville, TN

1988 Mimi Little Birmingham, AL
1988 Reece Rogers Memphis, TN

1989 Marijan Word Bossier City, LA
1989 Don Gattinger Little Rock, AR

1990 Clay Hall Birmingham, AL
1990 Lamar Jordan Long Beach, MS

1991 Joe Scott Rogers, AR
1991 Beverly O'Brien New Orleans, LA

1992 Rose Meyerson Shreveport, LA
1992 Ruth Patrick Laurel, MS

1993 Issy Montgomery Lafayette, LA
1993 Jerry Fong Marianna, AR

1994 Stappenbeck Herb Gadsden, AL
1994 Barbara Tillman Memphis, TN

1995 Walter Lewis Pascagoula, MS
1995 Pat Magee Ridgeland, MS

1996 Dorothy Otto Spanish Fort, AL
1996 Mrs. Richard L. Cook Lafayette, LA

1997 Bill Cook, Jr. Jackson, MS
1997 Barbara Norris W. Monroe, LA

1998 Coley McGinnis Nashville, TN
1998 Frank Perlman Memphis, TN

1999 Keith Henderson Birmingham, AL
1999 Ken Boagni Opelousas, LA

2000 Suzy Milham Hot Springs, AR
2000 Malcolm Latour Ocean Springs, MS

2001 Becky Simkins Headland, AL
2001 David Birnbaum Pegram, TN

2002 Lillian Goodman Memphis, TN
2002 Phyllis Riechmann Nashville, TN

2003 Ann Gill Oxford, MS
2003 Don Kemp Anniston, AL

2004 Dick Brammell Metairie, LA
2004 Norma Stewart Hot Springs, AR

Chuck Wilkinson

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