District 10 Goodwill Committee
by Chuck Wilkinson, District 10 Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors
December 12, 2003

The ACBL Goodwill Committee is a standing committee of members selected for their demonstration by personal example, that the strictest code of ethics and the highest standards of agreeable social conduct can be combined with effective competitive play. These are the players that make the game more enjoyable for others by their friendliness, courtesy, and high level of ethical conduct.

Annually, each district director may appoint up to two members to the Goodwill Committee. In addition, a district director may make up to two additional annual appointments to fill vacancies created by deaths of prior appointees. Appointees are lifetime members of the committee.

Here are the appointments for 2004:

Bill Cook, Jr., Madison, MS – Bill Cook is a commercial real estate broker in Jackson, MS. Bill has been a member of ACBL ever since he graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1960. Not only has he been an active tournament player (over 25 regional championships), but his contributions on the administrative side of bridge have been significant. His stewardship includes service as board member and leader of his local bridge club, his unit, and his district. His most proud accomplishment was the reorganization of the district’s board of delegates to make it more effective. In the early 90’s, he headed up the relocation and construction of a clubhouse for the local bridge group in Jackson. Currently, he is serving as a district representative to the ACBL Board of Governors, First Alternate to the ACBL Board of Directors, and his third term as President of District 10. All this, and he is a nice guy at the table!

Richard Helams, Jr., Monroe, LA – While many of the Goodwill Committee appointments are based on comportment and contributions, past and present, Richard represents the future of our organization. He has become an invaluable asset to his club and unit, serving on the unit board since his second year as a member, including stints as Treasurer and Club Manager. He also teaches and directs the local club games. His I/N game, which began with two tables, now has grown to 8-10 tables every week. He often plays with his students and/or finds them partners. As a result of his efforts, the open game in Monroe has blossomed. His friendly and courteous manner makes him a deserving addition to the ACBL Goodwill Committee.

Bonnie Jung, Birmingham AL – A native of Canada who started playing duplicate bridge in Germany, Bonnie came to Alabama about ten years ago and began playing at the Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club as a novice. Her natural ability soon brought her to the life master level, but she unselfishly decided to focus her talents on others rather than herself. As one of the founders of the Birmingham EASYBRIDGE! program, Bonnie introduced bridge to hundreds of new players in the Birmingham area. Her newcomer game has grown into one of the most popular two section events at the Birmingham Club. Her bubbling personality and warm smile have livened many an EASYBRIDGE! presentation. In addition, her sincere interest in all the newer players captured the hearts of her students and created many lasting new members for ACBL.

Jack Sullivan, Ocean Springs, MS – Jack has displayed uncommon goodwill ever since he has been a member of the Gulf Coast unit. His gracious manner with novices has helped develop two new games into successful open clubs. His dedication to bridge also included serving a few years as the editor to the district’s publication, The Mid-South Forum. The membership of his unit considers him a real treasure. He has the respect and admiration of all those in the bridge world who have had the pleasure to know him.

All members of the ACBL Goodwill Committee receive, and are thereafter entitled to wear, the official Goodwill Committee Pin. Replacement pins are available free from ACBL.

The ACBL Goodwill Committee Chairman hosts a between session reception for all members of the committee on Goodwill Day at each NABC.

The following is a list of District 10 appointments to the ACBL Goodwill Committee. This list does not include deceased members. The names of deceased members are removed so that replacement appointments can be made. If you recognize the name of a member on this list that has died, please notify me. Also, please contact me with any corrections, name changes, nominations of new members to the list, etc.

Year  Last Name   First Name   City & State
1959 Roleson Mrs. J. S. Blytheville, AR
1960 Bowden-Warfield Mrs. C.E. Memphis, TN
1960 Sanders Carol Nashville, TN
1962 Townsend Mary Beth Baton Rouge, LA
1963 Clay Dane Little Rock, AR
1963 Kennedy Betty Ann Shreveport, LA
1964 Alverson Mrs. S.G. Baton Rouge, LA
1964 Colgazier-Wyatt Annelle Mobile, AL
1965 Montgomery Izzy Lafayette, LA
1967 Golden-Hicks Tricia Little Rock, AR
1968 Clark Ed Jackson, MS
1968 Kittle Mrs. Charles Memphis, TN
1969 Thompson Mrs. Ben Nashville, TN
1971 Gresham Tom Shreveport, LA
1971 Jett Peggy Little Rock, AR
1972 Reed M.C. Jackson, MS
1972 Williams T.M. Baton Rouge, LA
1973 Foti Evelyn St. Martinville, LA
1973 Rhode George New Orleans, LA
1974 McDaniel Mrs. W.J. Birmingham, AL
1975 Meyerson Rose Shreveport, LA
1976 Graham Gary Baton Rouge, LA
1976 Munafo Paul Huntsville, AL
1977 Lewis Walter Pascagoula, MS
1977 Siebert Diane Little Rock, AR
1978 Bearden Donald Birmingham, AL
1978 McKee Tina Summit, MS
1979 Bates Don Baton Rouge, LA
1979 Denaburg Mrs. Charles Birmingham, AL
1980 Bazyari Habib Meridian, MS
1980 Rivers Loretta Monroe, LA
1981 Jimerson Mrs. Walter Augusta, AR
1981 Smith Hugh Birmingham, AL
1982 Goldberg Frederica Memphis, TN
1983 Browning Gilbert Nashville, TN
1983 Fernandez Libby Tuscalossa, AL
1983 Galey Meg Baton Rouge, LA
1983 Hoadley C.J. New Orleans, LA
1984 Hoadley Frank New Orleans, LA
1984 Parker Dell Memphis, TN
1985 Capps Richard Baton Rouge, LA
1985 McDaniels Mike Crossett, AR
1985 Onstott Eleanor New Orleans, LA
1986 Dunn Carolyn Hope Hull, AL
1986 Grissom Gerry Gulfport, MS
1986 Jess Celia Huntsville, AL
1986 Wilkinson Chuck Jackson, MS
1987 Barton Nell Jackson, MS
1987 Hall Clay Birmingham, AL
1987 Harris Shirley Jackson, MS
1988 Furr Helen New Orleans, LA
1988 Jordan Lamar Gulfport, MS
1988 Pieroni Diane El Dorado, AR
1988 Williams Marcy Baton Rouge, LA
1989 Benton Jack Hot Springs, AR
1989 Herrman John Franklin, TN
1989 Massey Nancy Nashville, TN
1989 Pope Bettye New Orleans, LA
1990 Erie-Graham Jan Baton Rouge, LA
1990 Gattinger Don Little Rock, AR
1990 Goldman Ina Nashville, TN
1991 Lloyd Jeanne El Dorado, AR
1991 Robison Betty Montgomery, AL
1991 Westrom Ann Monroe, LA
1992 Beyt Mac New Iberia, LA
1992 Edwardson Dorothy Fayetteville, AR
1992 Edwardson Norman Fayetteville, AR
1992 Harrison Marge Mobile, AL
1992 Toledano Dottie New Orleans, LA
1993 Eason Jane Memphis, TN
1993 Harrell Judy Jackson, MS
1993 Sibble Louise Huntsville, AL
1993 Williams Patrick Greenbrier, TN
1994 Blue Dot Nashville, TN
1994 Van Geffen Joan Metairie, LA
1994 Tetkoskie Janet Little Rock, AR
1995 Bassett Toby Metairie, LA
1995 Moose Rosi Birmingham, AL
1996 Adams Dee Memphis, TN
1996 Eanes Dee Little Rock, AR
1996 Erwin Anne Nashville, TN
1996 Farmer Helen Carriere, MS
1997 Blagg Una El Dorado, AR
1997 Flynn-Sauviac Jennie Metairie, LA
1997 West Ann Birmingham, AL
1998 Cahn Nell Shreveport, LA
1999 Toups Sally Kenner, LA
1999 Muldoon Ed Huntsville, AL
2000 Anderson John Baton Rouge, LA
2000 Collins Marian Tupelo, MS
2000 MacCracken Charlie Memphis, TN
2000 Said Elaine Nashville, TN
2001 McPherson Florence Hot Springs, AR
2001 Baldinger Ed Metairie, LA
2001 Todd Ed Shreveport, LA
2001 Jackson Pat Huntsville, AL
2002 Blake Billy Lake Charles, LA
2002 Cheeseman Sam Pine Bluff, AR
2002 Middleton James Winona, MS
2002 Watson Jackie Mobile, AL
2003 Dixon Dr. Gardner Nashville, TN
2003 Merritt C. Layton, Jr. Metairie, LA
2003 Wansley Jan Ellisville, MS
2003 Wynns Jack Memphis, TN
2004 Cook, Jr. Bill Madison, MS
2004 Helams, Jr. Richard Monroe, LA
2004 Jung Bonnie Birmingham, AL
2004 Sullivan Jack Ocean Spring, MS