Highlights of Denver ACBL Board Meeting



1.              Rating Point game fee increase $0.65 to $0.74 (effective 4/1/06)

2.              STaC fee increase from $2.42 to $3.04

3.              Progressive Sectional (qualifying) from $2.65 to $3.04

4.              Sectional surcharge increased from $110 to $135

5.              Tournament Director FeeŐs increase of 7% - net of TD salary increase

6.              Supply Fees increased from $0.85 to $0.95

7.              Tournament assistant fees increased from $25 to $50

8.              NABC entry fees increased $1.50/person/session

Total Estimated Revenue increase $567,600.00

For all sectionals beginning July 1, 2006, the sponsoring organization shall charge an additional fee of at least $1.00/person/session for non-members and non-service fee paying LMs and for all regionals after July 1, 2006 an additional fee of at least $2.00/person/session shall be charged. 


Signage at entry sales should present surcharge as member discount.


The additional fee shall be retained by the sponsoring organization.

1.     Provide that a memberŐs principal physical residence as the District in which that member is eligible to participate.

2.     Requires a signed entry form to certify they are eligible to play in the District subject to penalties in the Condition of Contest and the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations.

3.     Establishes a Credentials Committee of representatives from the Board of Directors to determine eligibility at playerŐs request or if their eligibility is challenged.

1.     Total active membership at 10/31/05 was 155,458.  In spite of an expected 11,000 new members for the year Đ growth is flat.

2.     Regional, sectional and STaC tournament tables are down for the year as compared to 2004.

3.     ACBL had online tables thru September of 158,245 compared to 112,764 in 2004.  Games are being run on four sites:  World Winners, Bridge Base Online, MSN and Swan Games.  Two additional sanctioned online clubs are expected to be operating in 2006.

4.     2005/2006 NAOP table count of 40,722 was the highest we have seen in 12 years.

5.     Participation at the Special games at club has been very good.  International Fund revenue is up 58%, Junior Fund up 28% and Charity revenue up an amazing 128%.

6.     Sending out Tournament ads via email has been reinstated by the ACBL with the addition of new software.  Notices should be sent to Data Services Department (listlables@acbl.org).  They must include a phone number and an e-mail address that can be used for replies.  Replies will be sent to tournament representative, not ACBL.

7.     Progress is being made on the goal of a 24-hour response to complaints.  Most problems are addressed on the day received.  Survey of the membership indicates a 94% satisfaction rate.

8.     Bridgeiscool.com website for youth has been up and running since 9/1/05.  There have been 12,941 visits.  32,866 pages have been viewed with an excellent average visit time of 3 ½ minutes.

9.     The National Council for Teachers of Mathematics has accepted ACBLŐs proposal for a presentation at its 2006 convention.

10.  ACBL is moving toward full computerization of the sanctioning process and expects to have it in operation April 2006.

11.  Summer mini bridge camp for kids was a great success in its first year with 26 bridge camps in operation.  Even greater participation is expected in 2006.



Bill Cook  

District 10 ACBL Director